Somone is Spamming me or others in messages or comments.

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We don’t like spam as much as anyone. We are striving to build a community of professionals based on trust. We appreciate you mirroring our valued concern on this topic. Please do the following:

  • Please report inappropriate content including comments, images, profiles and more for moderation. Content will immediate publicly removed with only 3 reports. Locate the Report link at the bottom right of any comment. Lick it, choose the reason and provide any comments you’d like to make and click Submit.
  • Additionally, if you like, you may Block the person so that you no longer see any content post by them and they will not be able to contact you. To do so, navigate to the individual’s profile. In the lower right corner of the top header area click the gear icon. You may choose to Report the profile and/or Block the profile.
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