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Is OutBüro a dating site?

OutBüro was not designed intending to be a dating site. The intent is to form, build and nurture the LGBTQ+ community in a professional manner and demeanor. However, might people connect on that level and also potentially spark additional interests? Sure. It happens in the office. Frankly, it happens everywhere. So like life changes where made to better allow all members be their full selves as they feel. So we do not limit that as a potential. You make all the choices and help it be all that it can be. It is you, we, us – connected.

We did recently implement a paid member model, added the ability for paying member to also have the option of being an affiliate and do what they do best – shine. This could provide a growing sustainable income to their potential. We’ve also recently added the Group Category feature to help members find groups that best interest them. Persons choose groups they are a member of. There is a member and content reporting. Just 3 reports and the content within the community is publically not available awaiting moderation. Choose your groups and leave those not suited for you.

Be safe and be aware that there are many scammers and phisher out there who try to take advantage of others. On some other sites, you may get contacted by a profile with an attractive photo who is claiming to be searching for their soul mate. They cannot travel because they are on a ship, or a service member stationed somewhere. Soon, if allowed, they ask you to buy online gift cards, take photos of them and text them. Hello, this is about extorting money from you. Be very cautious on any online platform.

If you believe such activity is happening on this site, REPORT the content and user profile. See the following:

Down Low DL on OutBuro connecting lgbtq social media online community network networking gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer

Down low? Bruh, we got ya.

Today for many reasons people around the country and world are secretly gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer. This is commonly known as being on the Down Low or DL for short. Everyone needs to feel safe, welcomed, and able to connect with others. They want and need to explore the LGBTQ+ community on their terms right where they are.

On we got you

The OutBüro social community for the LGBTQ+ community understands this and has the ability for you to be as out, loud, and proud as you’d like or as DL as you like. It is up to you and you can change your profile settings at any time.

If you choose, you can even have two profiles on You might use one profile account to interact with general and professional groups and maybe leverage the ability to earn a passive residual income with our referral/affiliate program. Perhaps a second account that uses either a fake name or a user name like “DallasBear77” to explore all the gay/bi/trans/queer male-centric groups – as an example. There are many groups covering gender/sexuality, regional, lifestyle, hobbies, and more. Check out the Joining and Creating Groups article.

It’s your choice. If you choose to use more than one account each would require a unique email address and a Yearly or Monthly membership plan for full site access, but it’s your choice. You decide.

Get Connected on the DL

The first method is to use a fake name. You can create a fake profile first and last name when initially setting up your new account, or change your name at any time. You may also change the account/profile associated email address at any time too.

To manage your Profile Preferences including general privacy settings and how your name or user name will appear on the site/app, navigate to your Profile, then your About tab, and next select the Preferences sub-tab. Here’s a Knowledge
The base article that goes into it in detail – Site/App Preferences.

Note that you also control the visibility of every field on a field by field basis – public, site members, friends/connections only or only you. You may also control the visibility of nearly everything you post. Again, please check out the Knowledge Base to learn more.

Membership Plan Subscription

Note that accessing your full profile, like groups, and connecting with other members requires a Yearly/Monthly membership plan. If you signed up with only the Free plan, while logged in from the top menu choose Memberships and then select the plan you’d like.

Like any platform that has a user-made-up profile name and paid membership, your site user name is what others on the site see. To process your membership payment your real name and other required information required by the payment processer is required. On the membership system is separate from the community system.

Got Questions?

Be sure to check out our growing user/member support Knowledge Base. If you have additional questions, use the Contact Us form and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.