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Steps to Login

To log onto you must be a registered site member. Check out our Yearly/Monthly memberships. Make your choice and complete your registration or upgrade.

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How to Login

From the home page, when not logged in, you are presented with a member login form similar to the below on devices.

OutBuro - How to Login User Guide - LGBTQ Community Globla social networking online lgbt gay men lesbian women bisexual transgender queer dating hookup conntections uses the primary email address on record as your log-in ID.

  1. To log in enter your email address on record and then your password.
  2. Next, click the Login button.

Select the Remember Me check box to store a temporary cookie that for a period of around a week remembers you and keeps you logged into It reduces the number of times you must log in. Visit frequently to keep that cookie active.

Sidebar Login

When you access from a tablet or larger you should see left and right sidebars. On the left side bar is also your profile quick access area. When not logged in it also presents a login form regardless of what page you are on.

OutBuro - How to Login User Guide - sidebar - LGBTQ Community Globla social networking online lgbt gay men lesbian women bisexual transgender queer dating hookup conntections

Login Button Not Active

If you happen to use your browser feature to save and auto-populate logins and when you visit and that information is pre-populated AND the Login button is not “active” to click, this is a known issue. For now, just click within either field to bring your browser’s attention to it. The Login button should not be “active”. Click it.

Still Can’t Get In

Change Password

If you still are having issues logging in, try resetting your password. Check out How do I change my password guide.

Clear Browser Cache

Additionally, clearing your browser cache is a great troubleshooting step.

On most browsers, you’ll find that under your browser settings, Privacy/Security, then Clear Data/History, chose Cache and Cookies if you like, and submit/save.

Chrome Instructions

Non-Profit NGO nonprofit discount OutBuro Membership Plans Join Us lgbtq social media online community network networking gay men m4m lesbian woman bisexual transgender queer

Does OutBüro offer non-profit discounts?

Absolutely! We offer nonprofits a % between 10-100% for the first 12-month subscription cycle. We will ask you to send us your Federal Government Letter of Determination, 501 (c)3 or (c)6 if you are in the U.S, or an equivalent type of documentation if outside of the U.S. New customers can sign up for their free trial and send in the required paperwork before the end of the 1-week trial period or ahead of time.

As of April 2022, OutBüro now offers as part of a Monthy or Yearly membership, the option to be an OutBüro affiliate/influencer. As an LGBTQ+ community non-profit, you/it, have persons or other organizations you serve as part of your mission. All non-profits need funds to operate and most LGBTQ+ non-profits scrape by to meet the needs of the community it serves, let alone provide staff with competitive wages. How about adding an additional residual income source to the mix?

“Oh, but we are a non-profit we cannot MAKE money,” I sometimes hear. Hogwash! Your financial person can classify the commissions as a donation. Your non-profit supporters, if they sign up under your referring account are paying for a service in which a portion of the proceeds is being gifted to the organization. Call it income, or call it your supporters supporting you/it in yet another way. Those supporters who also join as an affiliate/influencer is further supporting your organization as you earn 3 levels deep.

Check out the Affiliate or Influencer Income Estimator for more information and goal setting.

Complete the following form to request a discount.