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What’s New and How to Upgrade

Recently OutBuro.com has gone through many technical changes to better serve the community in a broader way from its initial concept. As a registered member, you are likely aware it was previously striving to focus purely on the professional side of life. We’ve opened it up to be more general while still providing professionally oriented groups and retaining professional aspects of the member profile. It’s your choice on what you complete in your profile, the groups you join, how you engage, and who you connect with and direct message with. Check out the Is OutBüro a Dating Site? in the growing Knowledge Base article.

What’s new?

Hope you’ve noticed, but if not take a moment and refresh this screen. DANG, that was fast. Yes, we’ve made lots of changes to our technical architecture focused on security, speed, reliability, and growth.

OutBüro has moved away from an employer-centric model to a model focused on YOU and YOUR interests and YOUR full self.

It is now a member subscription model free from Google Ads and other similar ads. Groups and Profiles/Members is Subscriber-only access. Essentially removing a free membership also means less likely to have spammers on the site. It also allows OutBuro.com to provide a greater level of services improving your experience.

Groups are now categorized into up to 3 categories:

  • General
  • Professional
  • Men
  • Women
  • Transgender
  • Regional
  • Lifestyle

Check out the Joining and Creating Groups Knowledge Base article.

Grow and Thrive Together – Earn Money 2 Ways

1. Publish Content

Site Subscribers may publish articles/content. See Get Published on OutBüro for more information. Member published content may be eligible to earn an income based on category and performance.

2. Affiliate/Influencer Program

Site Subscribers may optionally choose to be an affiliate/influencer and earn a residual income stream through promoting OutBuro.com to others. Commissions are earned upon new Yearly/Monthly subscriptions that use your unique links and/or codes. See Affiliate/Influencer Program Overview and the Affiliate/Influencer Income Estimator for more information.

Steps to Upgrade Your Account

  1. Log into your OutBuro.com Free member account.
  2. From the site’s too menu, choose Membership. Of accessing it on a smartphone the main menu is the hamburger menu in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Subscriptions link at the top of the Membership dashboard.
  4. Select Change plan next to Action.
  5. Make your choice.
  6. Complete the subscription payment information using our payment processor PayPal.

When completed and successful payment/subscription is processed you will receive a confirmation message.

After refreshing your Membership dashboard screen should see the new subscription is active.

awesome sauce!

You are now a full member of OutBuro.com and we are super excited to have you join us.

Be sure to check out the growing Knowledge Base for FAQs, user/member guides, how-to, and policies.

Features and Options Preferences on OutBuro lgbtq social media online community network networking gay men m4m lesbians woman bisexual transgender queer

Control Your Experience

We are striving to build an online global LGBTQ+ community with robust features welcoming you to be your whole self. You control what, who, how, when, etc. on OutBüro.

Why not?

But before that here are some recently adopted site member subscription models to really partner with the full community for anyone wanting to thrive together. We now offer everyone or entity (business, charity, non-profit, NGO, PAC, political campaign if doable, organization, etc.) the ability to earn a side income in a few ways.

We think you are talented, unique, creative, informed, a constant seeker, a connector, and a doer.

So why not allow you to earn a good portion of the membership revenue by sharing the site/app. That’s optional as well as earning by submitting articles for the site such as news, informative, press releases, educational, promotional, commentary, investigative, lifestyle, entertainment, announcements, etc.

Let’s get connected and do amazing things.

Smoking hot

As of May 2022 in addition to the broadening of the site, we also implemented a cloud architecture. What does that mean for you? Version 1.0 in the US and Canada would fully load in a whopping 12-17 seconds. Trimming our features and focusing on the core along with many other technical changes the site is now in the United States and Canada fully loaded in .5-1 second. Sure lots of variables, but from turtle to rabbit. All for you. So get connected. Get started today.

I like options

As a Yearly/Monthly subscribing member on OutBüro you can:

  • how you appear (real name, fake name, user name)
  • change your email address/user name/password at any time
  • make your profile stand out with a profile avatar (headshot or other) and a cool profile cover/header image
  • control the visibility of your profile
  • control the visibility of each profile field
  • choose what profile fields you complete
  • control the visibility of every post/content you share
  • control your email & on-site/app notifications and/or weekly activity digest
  • search members
  • control if your profile is/not displayed in members’ listings/search results
  • control who you accept connection/friend requests from
  • remove connections/friends
  • choose who you follow/unfollow
  • control if others can “like” your profile
  • block others
  • reporting content posted by others
  • create/join/leave groups
  • turn direct messaging on/off
  • control if anyone or just connections/friends can direct message you
  • share images and Giphy in direct messages
  • share your favorite Giphy in the community/groups activity stream, and comments
  • use #hashtag (alpha/numeric)
  • use the @ symbol to mention others
  • Create polls
  • react to, reshare, save, and engage with other member’s content
  • schedule community/group posts
  • add moods to your community/group posts
  • add a location to your community/group posts
  • sort the community and group activity streams
  • share media such as images/video/audio including sharing/posting your live stream from major live streaming platforms
  • post news, announcements, articles, and press releases through your publishing dashboard
  • potentially earn an income by posting original (your) articles for the site’s general blog and monitoring article traffic stats, and funds due/paid
  • potentially earn a residual income through promoting the site as those you introduce it to subscribe to a Yearly/Monthly membership and monitor all activity through your affiliate dashboard
  • upgrade your membership from free to subscription or monthly to yearly at anytime
  • export your community data
  • delete your account

Holy-ga-moly, that’s not even an exhaustive list.

Check out the Knowledge Base for user guides, FAQ, site policies, and more as we are adding more often. The site/app is very intuitive. If you have any questions, issues/problems, or concerns you may reach out via the Contact Us form.