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Affiliate/Influencer Program Overview

As an OutBüro Affiliate/Influencer you are an independent marketer.  Since OutBüro, like every business or organization must have marketing and that comes at a cost. OutBüro believes in the power of your awesomeness and creativity. So, why not just pay you?

Let’s grow together.

  • Start immediately earning a stream of income by referring your audience, members, customers, clients, fans, team, league, friends, and website traffic to OutBüro using your unique Affiliate/Influencer URL slug for any page
  • May additionally offer a unique coupon to offer a discount and simultaneously associate the new membership subscription with you
  • Commissions are based on the percentage of what’s actually paid for the term of the coupon
  • Use provided creatives such as premade shareable logos, images, and website ad-like images.
  • Use the Brand Guide for OutBüro branding assets and guidance.
  • Let your energy, enthusiasm, passion, and creativity explode. Try things you’ve not done before. Get your audience pumped up about connecting with you on OutBüro.
  • Consider creating a group on OutBüro asking your audience to join you there for content only found there. If you’d like to do more, let us know.
  • You’ll have a dedicated Affiliate/Influencer Rep that will help get you started, be your primary point of contact, monitor activity, reconcile your commission, and as able to offer ideas on things to try.
  • Beautiful, clean, and simple Affiliate/Influencer Dashboard to update your information, view activity, article/page analytics, payment history, and commissions due at any time.

Regardless of your current situation, we want to grow together. So, if joining the site right now as a Yearly/Monthly subscribed member is financial difficulty, use the Contact Us form. We may be able to offer a special discount and resources to get you on your way to growing your affiliate/influencer member base on OutBüro.

The bits

  • To be an OutBüro Affiliate/Influencer the person, business, organization or entity must be an active Yearly/Monthly member on OutBuro.com.
  • Submit your Request to be an Affiliate/Influencer. Complete the form. In the message area please tell us a little bit about yourself/your organization, provide links to websites and social media profiles, and a short description of why you think it’s a fit for you and your audience.
  • Cookie Duration =Your referral cookie will be active for 60 days from each click.
  • Levels – 3 levels deep
  • Last referer attribution – If two OutBüro Affiliates/Influencers attract/invite the same visitor, the most recent OutBüro Affiliate/Influencer link/coupon used by the visitor at the time of registering is attributed.  See below for a detailed explanation.
  • Earn commission dispersible 30 days after subscription transaction
  • Minimum balance of $50 to process payout
  • Eligible commissions are paid monthly, on or around the 10th of the month for the preceding month
  • You must have a PayPal account and provide the associated email address for processing commission payouts electronically

Just think how quickly those funds could add up. Check out the Affiliates/Influencers Income Estimator.

Idea for More Income

Consider adding content to the blog. Check out Get Published on OutBüro.

Ideas for that Extra Income

Use the funds in any way you see fit.

If you are an individual Affiliate/Influencer:

  • Spread it out as a well deserved extra income source
  • pay a bill or two
  • pay down/off your credit card debt
  • pay down/off your car
  • pay rent
  • pay down/off your home
  • fund a vacation
  • the possibilities are endless

If your company is an Affiliate/Influencer:

  • apply the funds to business expenses
  • donate the funds to local LGBT non-profit charities
  • throw a great party for your employees or customers
  • it’s up to you

If your organization is an Ambassador:

  • Speak with your accountant on how best to categorize the funds.  Consider it a donation/stipend or income earned
  • Use the funds to fill in the gaps from your members’ donations
  • Use the funds to expand your community services
  • It’s up to you

Understanding last referrer associated

So, let’s say that we have an Affiliate 1 (John) and Affiliate_1 (John) shares a link. Now, visitor_1 clicks on the link, but they don’t sign up as a Yearly/Monthly Member that visit. 

54 days later, a second affiliate named Affiliate_2 (Suzzy) shares a link that the same visitor_1 clicks on and then at that time signs up as a Yearly/Monthly Member.  Affiliate_2 (Suzzy) will be attributed and associated with the new Member Subscription account.  Thus Affiliate _2 (Suzzy) will receive the commissions from visitor_1‘s subscription fees. 

It is therefore important if you are working to attract visitors to OutBüro that you follow up and do what you can to get them to become subscribed members as soon as possible. Engage them frequently to visit the site to keep your cookie active, more likely their last referrer, and ultimately become a subscribing member so that you get them as part of your Affiliate/Influencer Income Stream.