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What’s New and How to Upgrade

Recently OutBuro.com has gone through many technical changes to better serve the community in a broader way from its initial concept. As a registered member, you are likely aware it was previously striving to focus purely on the professional side of life. We’ve opened it up to be more general while still providing professionally oriented groups and retaining professional aspects of the member profile. It’s your choice on what you complete in your profile, the groups you join, how you engage, and who you connect with and direct message with. Check out the Is OutBüro a Dating Site? in the growing Knowledge Base article.

What’s new?

Hope you’ve noticed, but if not take a moment and refresh this screen. DANG, that was fast. Yes, we’ve made lots of changes to our technical architecture focused on security, speed, reliability, and growth.

OutBüro has moved away from an employer-centric model to a model focused on YOU and YOUR interests and YOUR full self.

It is now a member subscription model free from Google Ads and other similar ads. Groups and Profiles/Members is Subscriber-only access. Essentially removing a free membership also means less likely to have spammers on the site. It also allows OutBuro.com to provide a greater level of services improving your experience.

Groups are now categorized into up to 3 categories:

  • General
  • Professional
  • Men
  • Women
  • Transgender
  • Regional
  • Lifestyle

Check out the Joining and Creating Groups Knowledge Base article.

Grow and Thrive Together – Earn Money 2 Ways

1. Publish Content

Site Subscribers may publish articles/content. See Get Published on OutBüro for more information. Member published content may be eligible to earn an income based on category and performance.

2. Affiliate/Influencer Program

Site Subscribers may optionally choose to be an affiliate/influencer and earn a residual income stream through promoting OutBuro.com to others. Commissions are earned upon new Yearly/Monthly subscriptions that use your unique links and/or codes. See Affiliate/Influencer Program Overview and the Affiliate/Influencer Income Estimator for more information.

Steps to Upgrade Your Account

  1. Log into your OutBuro.com Free member account.
  2. From the site’s too menu, choose Membership. Of accessing it on a smartphone the main menu is the hamburger menu in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Subscriptions link at the top of the Membership dashboard.
  4. Select Change plan next to Action.
  5. Make your choice.
  6. Complete the subscription payment information using our payment processor PayPal.

When completed and successful payment/subscription is processed you will receive a confirmation message.

After refreshing your Membership dashboard screen should see the new subscription is active.

awesome sauce!

You are now a full member of OutBuro.com and we are super excited to have you join us.

Be sure to check out the growing Knowledge Base for FAQs, user/member guides, how-to, and policies.

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Pride Event Income Potential

From first-year pride events to World Pride, from local non-profits supporting the community day after day, to someone just coming out of the closet looking for belonging. We all are where we are and look to grow, nurture, be nurtured, and thrive together. You, we, us. Being our true selves and our true potential.

Part of being ourselves is basic needs. For any organization or person, today that is money.

Affiliate/Influencer Program

We have to pay for marketing so we might as well provide an optional ability to earn residual income through our Affiliate/Influencer program as you influence your audience (10%), their audience (5%), and their audience (2.5%) to join OutBüro as a Yearly/Monthly member. Yes, that is 3 levels deep. See the Affiliate/Influencer Income Estimator for more on that.

Be among the first to go wide on our 1st level with your breath of a diverse audience. No limit to the number of 1st level subscribers.

If you’d like to set up a 30-min initial chat use the form below if you have questions.

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Does OutBüro offer non-profit discounts?

Absolutely! We offer nonprofits a % between 10-100% for the first 12-month subscription cycle. We will ask you to send us your Federal Government Letter of Determination, 501 (c)3 or (c)6 if you are in the U.S, or an equivalent type of documentation if outside of the U.S. New customers can sign up for their free trial and send in the required paperwork before the end of the 1-week trial period or ahead of time.

As of April 2022, OutBüro now offers as part of a Monthy or Yearly membership, the option to be an OutBüro affiliate/influencer. As an LGBTQ+ community non-profit, you/it, have persons or other organizations you serve as part of your mission. All non-profits need funds to operate and most LGBTQ+ non-profits scrape by to meet the needs of the community it serves, let alone provide staff with competitive wages. How about adding an additional residual income source to the mix?

“Oh, but we are a non-profit we cannot MAKE money,” I sometimes hear. Hogwash! Your financial person can classify the commissions as a donation. Your non-profit supporters, if they sign up under your referring account are paying for a service in which a portion of the proceeds is being gifted to the organization. Call it income, or call it your supporters supporting you/it in yet another way. Those supporters who also join as an affiliate/influencer is further supporting your organization as you earn 3 levels deep.

Check out the Affiliate or Influencer Income Estimator for more information and goal setting.

Complete the following form to request a discount.