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Venn Negotiation launches program to teach ivy league negotiation skills to anyone who wants more from every negotiation

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#inthevennzoneVenn Negotiation, a negotiation strategy and skills organization, announced today, VennMasters™, a new program aimed at leveling the playing field in business and in life for anyone who wants to get more out of every conversation. The program is geared toward the unique needs of adult learners, promising to be fun, creative, and unlike any other negotiation program on market.

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“Most people approach negotiations from a win-lose perspective; meaning, ‘If I give up part of the offering, I lose that part,’ instead of focusing on getting what they want most from the deal, and negotiating for that,” says Christine McKay, founder, and host of the popular negotiation podcast, In The Venn Zone. “When people realize the vast opportunities that lie within each negotiation, they begin to see the conversation differently. This new perspective is how we turn negotiations from win-lose, to long-term relationship-building where each party gets more from the deal.”

VennMasters is a 6-week course where participants learn skills from top negotiation experts on how to negotiate effectively to get more of what they want. The program includes six 2-hour live training sessions where participants learn their negotiating style and how it applies, increase confidence to improve every conversation, tools to understand the negotiation process and the science behind it, and gain insights to demystify negotiation, contracts, and more. Participants will also learn to identify and adapt to any negotiation style for any situation, and each will walk away with a certification.

VennMasters is $1997 for the six-week course, and the 2-day, 16-hour practicum, where clients practice and get feedback on their learnings, is $1997. Bundled packages are available for $2997.

Organizations looking to hire Venn Negotiation to negotiate on their behalf may schedule consultations with McKay, and group training sessions for company-wide teams are available. McKay is also available as a keynote speaker.

About Venn Negotiation

Venn Negotiation is an educational and consultative negotiation firm aimed at changing the nature of negotiation. Offering personal and group negotiation training and services, Venn Negotiation shows people how to ask for more of what they want and provides them with techniques to negotiate for it. Visit vennnegotiation.com.


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