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Victoria Villasenor: Lesbian Entrepreneur, Author, and Editor

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Victoria Villasenor.

Be prepared to laugh and perhaps tear up a little too. Victoria Villasenor is an out lesbian entrepreneur, award-winning author, editor, author’s coach, community service leader, and simply a wonderful soul. We had such a great conversation.

As she states, “Do well, to do good. I love words. I love molding them, playing with them, learning about them. I love helping other people use them. I love to read and I’m a fan of pretty much every genre out there. Through my work with Global Wordsmiths and Global Words Press, I get to spend all my time doing things with words, which makes me a very happy editor.”

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Global Wordsmiths is a community interest company, meaning a big part of what they do is community-based. This is important to Victoria and evident in our chat. There are so many people who feel unheard and unseen, and finding ways to give them a platform to be heard is seen is vital. To date, they have done fourteen books with organizations like Nottingham Hospice, AGE UK, Trans4me, and the Southwell Workhouse all in where the youth or elderly re dived validation, guidance, and support in sharing their stories. Victoria has an MA in English composition and literature. She has written and published six novels under a pen name, as well as lots of short stories. She teaches workshops for various organizations and lead writing retreats in other countries.

  • 01:15 Brief introduction and overview of Global Wordsmith’s a book editing and author advising company. They also run a community non-profit side that works with community organizations.
  • 05:00 Victoria discusses why authors seek their help and their process 06:00 Victoria is also an award-winning author herself
  • 07:00 We chat about, talkers, ideas, and dreamers versus action and doing.
  • 09:20 Part of taking action is surrounding yourself with others who have common interests, goals, who you can learn from, with and support one another
  • 9:50 Some think, “I can read, so I can write”, but that’s not true. It is a craft and skill that must be developed and honed.
  • 12:00 Working with a professional editor helps hone your product to be the best it can be when released into the world
  • 13:00 Know your audience
  • 20:00 The process Victoria discusses the process of working with authors and the depth of services they seek
  • 25:00 Victoria’s community side works with kids working storytelling to help them connect with their school curriculum
  • 29:00 One community project was working with transgender youth helping them share their story, connect and communicate
  • 31:00 Other community projects have been working with the elderly in group homes to help them connect, share and come together to bond and diminish the feeling of isolation
  • 35:30 Victoria met her wife through the community work. Their shared passion turned into relationship passion.
  • 36:00 Their work touch and changes lives
  • 38:00 Your story matters, you matter, and you are not alone

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