LGBT Job Seekers: Should You Be OUT on Your Resume?

Scott Vedder has decades of experience as a Fortune 100 recruiter. Out of frustration of seeing bad to horrible resume after resume that didn’t stand out, he wrote a best selling book titled “Signs of a Great Resume”. Scott also happens to be gay so part of the LGBTQ community. We had a chat and here edited that longer conversation down to our discussion about as an LGBTQ professional should you be out on your resume or not. This is a great companion to my own article on the topic which is one of the site’s most popular articles so many must have this question. Listen in for a recruiter’s response and read the full article for additional guidance that might speak to you and your situation.

Article by Dennis Velco on OutBüro that includes the video version of this audio too. – https://www.outburo.com/out-or-not-lgbt-resume-cv-curriculum-vitae-workplace-equality-2020/

Scott Vedder conducted over 5,000 interviews as a recruiter at a Fortune 100 company. He quickly discovered that a good résumé is truly hard to come by and that most applicants don’t have a clue what recruiters want to see. Scott’s book “Signs of a Great Résumé” is a #1 best-selling book on Amazon.com and has been endorsed as “Recommended Reading” by the Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) and the Central Florida Jobs Initiative. Scott is often quoted as an expert resource and is a regular contributor to a number of international blogs, magazines, syndicated newspaper columns, and web sites. Scott has also been interviewed on dozens of live television and radio news programs. While on speaking engagement’s Scott was often asked by military veterans how to best translate their military experience to a civilian job market. This led to the adapted version of his best selling book to focus on military veterans. His focus on and strong involvement with veteran groups led him to be personally invited to the White House twice under two administrations to be recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management, Women Unlimited and the Metropolitan Business Association, LGBT Chamber of Commerce for his contributions and for helping job seekers around the world.

Scott Vedder on OutBüro – https://www.outburo.com/profile/scott_vedder/

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