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LGBTQ Corporate Equality – Proactively List Your Political Donations

Does your company donate to Pro-LGBT and anti-LGBT politicians at any level of government from city, county, state/region to federal/national? Utilize www.OutBuro.com as your employer branding platform to proactively list your political donations with a brief reasoning why it was important to the company. We don’t always agree with every political stance of a politician and in life and business sometimes has to interact with persons or organizations who may not share 100% of our own views.

Politicians who are known to be anti-LGBTQ may be in a position that s/he is still important to the company and its ability to grow and thrive. By being proactive and annotating it on your OutBüro LGBTQ Employer Branding record you are getting ahead of the conversation before LGBTQ organizations and journalists report about you negatively. Provide a full record annotating everything that you do for your LGBT employees and the community so that it is easy to see how great of an employer you are. Be proactive. We want you to shine.

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