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LGBT Entrepreneurs and Professionals – Be a Guest on OutBüro Voices

Are you or do you know someone who is amazing and think they would be a great podcast guest?

Seeking LGBTQ podcast guest from around the globe

  • LGBTQ community leaders: Individuals, local or national organizations. Discuss challenges, solution approaches, LGBTQ rights, and more in your area.
  • LGBTQ professionals: Do you have a story to tell about yourself, your career, and how being out as LGBTQ has hindered or helped your career? from dog walkers to astronauts and everything in between. Let your story inspire others to be all they can be.
  • LGBTQ entrepreneurs: Seeking all business categories to show the range of business owners. From early startups to seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • LGBTQ authors – Very much desiring to feature LGBTQ authors who have published non-fiction works on areas of business, leadership, and in all topical categories as well as authors/educators focusing on the LGBT community and issues. We are certainly wanting to feature authors of LGBTQ genre fiction to not only discuss their books but also the process of writing and the business side too.

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In order to submit the form, you must first register on the site. When working on your submission you may need to step away to do other things or need time to think. You may save the form and come back to it, therein the need to be registered and logged in. Further, we only do podcasts of site members, which is free. It just makes sense right? Register and log in to unlock the form below. Do that now and come back here. You can complete your full professional profile later.

Casual chat

Each podcast is a casual conversation like we are chatting over a cup of coffee. It is informative yet desiring the listeners to feel comfortable and engaged as if they are sitting there with us. Therefore having bullet points about what you would like to discuss is encouraged, but do not script it all out. Little blunders are fine. We all speak that way naturally in person. Like a good conversationalist, you will work in the points you want to make in a natural way or during the conversation. The occasional mild curse word is typically fine – sparingly.

OutBuro Voices Guest Requirements

  • Every guest must have a profile on OutBuro prior to the scheduled recording date unless it will be a paid sponsored episode.
    • One main reason we require you to have a profile on the site is so that as persons post comments or questions on your episode page you are able to respond and engage. Persons on the site may also follow your profile, connect, and message you directly on the site.
    • Your OutBuro profile will be featured on the episode page and we ask that you please start displaying a link to your OutBüro profile in social links right along with your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the like.
  • You may consider joining or starting a group on OutBüro to become the leader on your topic, company, issue, or location.
  • Podcast guests agree to share and promote at minimum their OutBuro Voices Episode page via all your social media channels. We recommend resharing it periodically yourself or leverage social media posting automation tools.
  • If the guest has a website it is strongly encouraged to add a link from your website to the OutBuro episode page.
  • Alternatively, a page/blog post with the show embedded and featuring your OutBuro professional profile along with, if you have it, your OutBuro business listing page. If requested we may provide our post featured image for you to use.
  • Access to mobile phone and/or computer with microphone and video. High-speed wifi connection. Quiet setting with limited background noise. For the best recording, we’ll send other recommendations prior to the scheduled session.

We are spending current and ongoing resources in time, money, social capital and social reach to promote you and simply expect your best effort in return.

Sound reasonable and beneficial to both?

Super. March on.

Structure Introduction

Although flowing, natural, a bit spontaneous, and often fun, the conversation will have a little structure to be effective. Throughout the course of the dialogue, I will ask questions and interject. It will be a conversation, not just you speaking – thank goodness, right? Little mistakes and blunders are just fine. After all, we don’t want to sound like we are reading from a script. If needed portions of audio can be edited out.

Your submission will aid me in being prepared. A pre-podcast introduction call may be requested by either party to be fully prepared based on perceived need. With years of business travels striking up conversations with clients and with anyone at coffee shops sitting nearby, I am pretty comfortable having on-the-fly initial conversations be the recorded podcast episode. Each submission will be case by case considered.

The more complete a submission, is the higher likelihood of things happening quickly, for example, go ahead and provide as much of the requested information, images, and links. This will enable me to be ready for the recording and all post-recording work in creating your episode page and marketing.

Breath, you can do this

The below is not set in stone. Every person, career, business, or organization is different. Therefore, use the below as an 80% guide and thought kick starter. It is your story and your message. If you are really stuck, how about taking some time, searching for other podcasts that are similar, although likely not LGBT focused, listen to several. Listen to several different hosts to see how they are all a bit different too. Some are super serious, some try to sound like highly caffeinated super pumped revving engines, while others are calm and soothing. There are some that are silly and so many other styles.

I am striving for a comfortable, casual conversation, as if sitting across from the beach, on the terrace chatting, sipping coffee, and people watching. We are chatting but others can hear our conversation.

What should I talk about?

I have been contacted by persons who even after an hour of them sharing their story with me say “what should I talk about?”.

If you are in a wide field, narrow it down to one portion of the core, or the core of the beginning, or something tangible that the audience will learn from and is inspired by. Maybe you have a lot, like the topic of small biz marketing. Ok, let’s start with your why and how you got into that, to begin with, and pack on a few practical tips then BAM the hour will be quickly over and you’ll be hooked wanting to do regular small biz marketing segments.

Yes, some early lucky people may be invited back for additional trends, strategic things, guidance, etc. that builds your reputation as a go-to expert so you are top of mind when our audience members want professional help with what you do. Again so many possibilities here I hope you can use that example and apply it to yourself.


For the marketing of the episode, I request a HEADSHOT. Make it great. Google how to make a great headshot from lightning to angles and yes if you like touch it up a bit. This will be seen not only on the website but will live as the episode image on all those sites we are on like Apple Podcast and Spotify. I can do a little bit of editing, but try to send your best HEADSHOT. Do not send a full body far away photo. I cannot use that.

Episode Typical Structure

30-60 Minutes – Focus While Having Fun

  1. Host: 1 min – Briefly introduce the guest.
  2. Guest: 5-15 min – Your history. Describe for the listeners a brief overview of your history significant events interesting things and so forth that has shaped who you are and perhaps propelled you to where you are today
  3. Guest: 1-5 min – A brief introduction to what you are doing now with a strong focus on WHY. What were/are the motivators personally.
  4. Guest: 5-15 min – Let,s chat more about your current business, organization, or career.
    As a business or organization, I would like the discussion to be more than only brand awareness. Consider discussing challenges and who you have or attempting to overcome them. Ideas may include but by all means not limited to:
    • Startup struggles and successes
    • How did you turn the idea of your Why into a business or organization
    • How you convince others to support your vision be they family, friends, community, investors, lending institutions, the first round of customers/clients, etc.
    • stories of hiring your first employees or bringing on the first of volunteers what did you do well and what could you have done better?

Time permitting would love to discuss as many of the following as possible. Please give thought to these.

  1. Guest: 1-5 min – Is there anyone who has inspired you? A brief description of who and how.
  2. Guest: 1-5 min– What tips can you share with other entrepreneurs and leaders to work effectively, efficiently that saves time and/or money? Are there any particular apps that you use and if so what are they?
  3. Guest: 1-2 min – Business, Technology, marketing, and so forth are in a constant state of change. What tools and/or strategies are you using to grow?
  4. Guest: 1-2 min – Example of a useful app you use to get your job done, be more productive, etc.
  5. Guest: 1-2 min – Learn, adapt, or die – What do you do to try to learn and/or adapt? Is it opportunistic or regularly? Do you listen to podcasts regularly, subscribe to particular blogs, industry blogs/conferences, books, etc? If any are useful to you please provide links so that we may include them on the show page.
  6. Guest: 1-2 min – Having or striving for balance is important. So many work long hours building their vision and although that is great, we also have to keep ourselves connected, grounded, and care for our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs whatever that means to you. What are some ways you attempt to gain or stay connected and grounded?

Podcast Guest Submission Form

Complete the submission form to the best of your ability. It doesn’t have to be the final or perfect. It gives me an idea about the content that you would like to possibly speak about so that I can balance it with other guest submissions.