Entrepreneur Listing Pricing & Features

OutBüro is for every LGBTQ-owned business or business or organization wanting to connect with the LGBTQ community, no matter its legal structure, size, or location on earth – well anywhere earth’s internet is connected, so we are interplanetary capable if the connection is present. So, you might be a for-profit, non-profit, B-Corp, government entity, political action committee (PAC), truly we only care that you care about your employees, contractors, interns, volunteers, and anyone who works for your organization in whatever capacity. Not to leave vendors and customers out, but we need to get to the meat of this page. Also, check out features for Employers those features are not duplicated here. Maximize the benefits of OutBüro with a comprehensive reach.

OfferingUnder 50SilverGoldPlatinum
Business/Organization Branding Lising with Reviews????
Dedicated Support Team????
Unlimited Branded Articles Included in OutBüro Blog????
Joint PR & Social Promotion????
Host a Brand and/or Industry Group on OutBüro????
Embedable Widget with Live OutBüro Rating????
E-Newsletter Feature???
Site Ad Periodic Activity Stream Placement??
Dedicated Email??
OutBüro Brand Episode Feature??
Include Products on the OutBüro Market??
Invite to OutBüro Biz Webinars??
OutBüro Product/Service Awareness Published Article13
OutBüro’s LinkedIn Group Push1
Site Ad Demographic Targeting and/or Prime Location1
*Virtual Diversity Supplier Fairs Included Annually12

General Pricing Method

Please know this is a super duper high level overview. We’d love to have a conversation with you to better understand your success to date, your current struggles and your goals. We want to partner with you to achieve incredible levels of super shining awesomeness.

OutBüro is generally priced based on the total number of employees in the legal entity with economies of scale – meaning price per employee decreases as the organization is larger.

Because each organization is different, with different challenges, past progress or lack thereof, opportunities, goals, and budgets, our prices are a base guideline with optional bespoke services with various levels of involvement from our team and/or direct report sub-contractors. Therefore we cannot publish pricing above basic services for an employee count of up to 50. Organizations below 50 employees may self-service for standard online services but always happy to have an in-depth conversation to explore more features and services if you desire with any and all organizations of any size.

You are not only providing OutBüro for your employees, you are making it available for all users.

Further, your participation enables OutBüro to support vital community non-profits.