LGBTQ Professional Career Resources

The Ultimate Career Development Destination for LGBTQ+ Professionals

OutBüro is proud to provide career advancement opportunities to all of our LGBTQ members and allies. We understand providing career resources is very important across all stages of a career path. The Career Planning Portal on OutBüro is a true career planning destination where you can:

  • Plan and research your entire career – from student to retiree.
  • Discover resources to help you land the jobs you’re seeking.
  • Find your next great job.
  • Connect with employers, mentors, and learning opportunities to advance your career.


Be sure to join the Out:Careers group for even more content, share stuff you find around the internet, engage with others, get support and support others. Search all the groups for location and topical focused groups of interest.

Connect with hiring managers

Common job boards, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster are general job sites that cast a wide net – for job seekers and employers. But as an organization for focused on you – the LGBTQ+ community, we provide you with a focused list of job opportunities. We also provide employers with a stream of highly qualified LGBTQ candidates they can’t find anywhere else.

On OutBüro you’ll have a great online experience, where you can:

  • Easily search jobs from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Create job alerts right to your email based on your searches.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your past searches.
  • Upload your resume to have it auto-parsed. You may remain anonymous and control who has access to view your information.

Access to career insights

Dig deeper to understand more about your chosen path within the profession and industry. On OutBüro you can access data about your current and potential career and gain the insight you need to move forward or change direction.

Here is some key career information you can find on OutBüro’s LGBTQ+ career center.

Career Instights

  • Insights on over 1000 careers
  • Statistics of typical education levels of people in the role
  • Typical duties performed
  • Comparison of employment statistics using local, state, and national averages
  • Unemployment statistics
  • Career description
  • Occupational outlook
  • Salary benchmarks
  • “Day in the life” videos
  • Related occupations

Providing this type of information helps you understand:

  • Where you are in your career compared with projected growth
  • What opportunities exist around a particular career path
  • What related occupations could be the next steps in your career path
  • Considerations related to a potential career or location move

Career Pathing Tool

Create a clear roadmap to reach your professional goals.

OutBüro’s career pathing tool shows you how to get from where you are today, to where you want to be in your future career.

Confidence – Plan the next step in your career with the assurance that it will help you reach your ultimate career goals.

Personal Action Plan – You can design your own, personalized career action plans, including learning, training, and experience required to reach your career goals for the jobs you seek.

Self-assessment – Using a description of each role in your career path as well as a list of key skills needed to be successful in each role, you can evaluate your skills along the way, and determine what professional education and experience you need to move forward.

Take The Next Step

OutBüro provides the resources and tools, which make it the ultimate career development destination for LGBTQ+ professionals in all phases of career growth. Take the next step to research, plan, and land your dream job. On OutBüro’s community, you can be anonymous, so the career site requires separate registration and login.