For LGBTQ Professionals

Building meaningful professional connections can have a huge impact on your career.

  • It’s like and LinkedIn hooked up and had a queer baby.
  • Build relationships in your location and industry – connect and communicate.
  • Create and/or join groups to collaborate.
  • Upload your full resume/CV in addition to your profile overview
  • Rate/review current and recent past employers from your LGBTQ employee perspective anonymously.
  • Share, interact, find, engage, grow – together we can.
  • Be a mentor to a junior professional or student. Or seek out a mentor yourself.

You control how visible your profile is down to each field. For those not comfortable being out, that’s OK, you may use a screen name. Get started today. OutBüro is where you belong.

Help us find the best workplace for you by sharing more about yourself. We will never disclose your information to others.

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