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Many LGBTQ+ people face economic cliff if eviction protections end

J. Williams came home to an eviction notice last week. The single page, stuck to the door of the Las Vegas condo they have called home for seven years, stated that Williams and their wife have 30 days to vacate. Williams said, “I don’t sleep very well anymore. We owe a ton of rent and might get kicked out of our house, and I have no way of fixing this situation because it is entirely out of my control.” Williams, who is nonbinary transgender and whose name has been changed because they are not out at work, owes their landlord more than $10,000 in back rent.  The federal eviction moratorium has up to now helped the more than 7.4 Million Americans behind on rent, but the moratorium never completely stopped evictions and was only a stopgap measure that didn’t address the economic issues brought on by COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, about 22 percent of all LGBTQ+ adults were living in poverty, compared to 16 percent of cisgender straight adults, according to a 2019 study. Evictions, then, could be a next wave for LGBTQ+ people, experts said, that could hit the community hard — and long-term.

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