Marin Fertility Center Proudly Offers DuoIVF™: An Innovative Fertility Treatment for Lesbian Couples Building A Family

Reciprocal IVF Treatment Allows Two Women To Carry The Same Pregnancy, Actively Participate And Experience Shared Motherhood. Both Women Recognized As Child’s Mother On Birth Certificate.

GREENBRAE, Calif., June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Marin Fertility Center announced today the official launch of DuoIVF™, the boutique center’s latest offering of highly advanced reproductive services. DuoIVF™ leverages INVOcell, an innovative, patented Intravaginal Culture (IVC) System (the only available IVC system cleared by the Food and Drug Administration).

Marin Fertility's Innovative Reciprocal IVF Method Allows Lesbian Couples To Experience Shared Motherhood
Marin Fertility’s Innovative Reciprocal IVF Method Allows Lesbian Couples To Experience Shared Motherhood

“For over a decade, one of MFC’s key missions has been the early adoption of new technology to better personalize the fertility journey,” says Peter Uzelac, MD, HCLD, founder and medical director of Marin Fertility Center. “We match the treatment with the patient, not the other way around. DuoIVF builds upon this mission by offering lesbian couples a unique, augmented experience as they truly share in the treatment process. For the first time ever, two women can concomitantly participate in the earliest stages of gestation.”

Reciprocal IVF Treatment Allows Two Lesbian Mothers To Carry The Same Pregnancy And Experience Shared Motherhood
In addition to DuoIVF™ representing a breakthrough in fertility treatment for lesbian couples, it also provides several social, emotional and psychological benefits to both partners. It allows both women to experience motherhood, and allows both women to feel ‘equally related’ and build a bond with the child, something that, while a common experience of heterosexual couples, hasn’t previously been possible for lesbian couples.

“We are extremely appreciative of the entire MFC team for the experience we had throughout our path to motherhood!” offered Emily and Mackenzie Brady, MFC reciprocal IVF patients, in a recent joint-testimonial. “Dr. Uzelac’s comprehensive knowledge enabled a flexible treatment plan curated towards our evolving needs up to the day of transfer. As members of the LGBTQ+ community, we are grateful for the unique opportunity that allowed us both to actively participate in starting our family.”

Understanding How Partner Assisted Reproduction Works For Same Sex Female Couples
The DuoIVF™ process involves one female partner going through the IVF process to produce eggs, which are then fertilized with a donor’s sperm, before the embryo is implanted into the womb of the other female partner who carries the child.Once the baby is born, one woman becomes the biological parent of the child while the other is the gestational parent. Both proud parents can be officially recognized as the mother on the child’s birth certificate.

We’re All In This Together
MFC is guided by the belief that every woman who wants to conceive, should have the opportunity. A member of SF Pride, MFC is committed to raising awareness within the Bay Area LGBTQ+ community (and beyond) about these leading edge fertility treatments specifically designed to improve all pathways to family building.

About Marin Fertility Center
Marin Fertility Center is Northern California’s premiere fertility program, offering personalized care using a number of novel treatment approaches, including DuoIVF™. Marin Fertility Center uses new technology to reimagine the patient experience, reducing the amount of medication and office visits required and resulting in less prohibitive costs. The clinic is led by Dr. Peter Uzelac, a Board-Certified expert in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.  

For more information about the treatment of DuoIVF™ visit: www.marinfertility.com/duo-ivf or phone/text 415-925-9404, hello@marinfertility.com

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INVOCELL Intravaginal Culture System contains the INVOCELL Culture Device and INVOCELL Retention Device. The Culture Device is indicated for use in preparing, holding, and transferring human gametes or embryos during In Vitro Fertilization/Intravaginal Culture (IVF/IVC) and Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection Fertilization/Intravaginal Culture (ICSI/IVC). The Retention Device is used during the incubation period to aid in holding the Culture Device in the vagina. The Culture and Retention Devices are not indicated for periods of use exceeding 72 hours.


Important Safety Information:

  • Do not use the Culture or Retention devices if you are unable to tolerate having a device placed within your vagina.
  • Do not use the Culture Device if you are sensitive to medical grade silicone or polystyrene or if you have a severe case of vaginitis or a history of toxic shock syndrome. Tell your doctor if you have had any recent pelvic surgery.
  • Avoid any activity such as sexual intercourse, strenuous physical activity, swimming, bathing in a tub (a shower is permissible), use of a douche, sauna, or any other activity that may alter the temperature of the vaginal cavity and avoid handling or removing the Culture and Retention Devices while in place.
  • Your doctor should explain to you what to do if the Culture and Retention Device should shift in the vagina or fall out. Call your doctor right away should this occur.

Your doctor will determine if this product is right for you and will provide you with more detailed information about the risks and benefits associated with using this device. Always follow your doctor’s instructions. Contact your doctor immediately if you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after treatment.

Please see the INVOCELL Patient Information and Instructions for Use at www.INVOCELL.com.


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INVOCELL is a registered trademark of INVO Bioscience.

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