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Martin Stark: World Gay Boxing Championship

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Martin Stark, founder of the World Gay Boxing Championship based in Sydney, Australia.

World Gay Boxing Championship - Martin Stark

After a medical condition with Addison’s disease nearly took Martin’s life, he searched for ways to improve his overall health and strength. Once he came across boxing classes he was hooked. Boxing classes involve whole-body strengthening, cardio, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and emphasizes a good healthy diet. Martin found that through the foundation of boxing he also gained confidence on many leaves. He was feeling great, eating well, looking fit, and knew that if he was forced to he could hold his ground. Martin says, “In boxing, the idea is not to hurt another person, but if pressed you have the training, skill, and confidence to diffuse a situation.” Within just 3 years of starting the sport, Martin found a current lack of organized boxing clubs for the LGBTQ community. His newfound passion and lack of resources ignited a spark to create the World Gay Boxing Championship. Martin has been actively reaching out to LGBTQ boxers around the globe and welcomes anyone interested in the sport to connect with him.

Part of the goals of the organization is education. First to partner with gyms that offer boxing to offer education on the LGBTQ community. Martin wants to provide gym certification so LGBTQ people know a gym is welcoming and safe. He recently partnered with the boxing governing association for Australia. They were eager to begin collaborating. Martin believes this is a good step in setting the foundation with such ties. As the WGBC expands similar partnerships will be sought in other countries.

Martin has been pleasantly surprised how many boxers identify as part of the transgender community and how eager all are to help build the organization regionally and globally.

Do you own or work at a gym that offers boxing classes? Reach out to Martin to learn how your gym can become a member to promote boxing within the LGBTQ community.

To connect with Martin find him on OutBüro here. https://outburo.com/profile/martinstark/

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World Gay Boxing Championship - Martin Stark Founder Gay Entrepreneur LGBTQ professional community OutBuro

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