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Matt Skallerud: Innovative, Pioneer, LGBTQ Marketing Leader

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with serial internet marketing entrepreneur Matt Skallerud.   Matt founded one of the first internet websites focused on the gay community.  Within a short period, he also founded one of the first websites ( 1995) for the lesbian community ( both acquired by Here Media (2006) and no longer active.  Matt shares a bit of history surrounding the development of early LGBTQ web platform presence.  Matt shares how the LGBTQ were early adopters using sites to connect with others.   

The experience he gained from those experiences led Matt to launch Pink Media (2008), a marketing firm specializing in helping corporations target and reach the LGBTQ community across all media platforms.  He and Pink Media has also been instrumental in bringing many live and virtual events, conferences, and symposiums regarding LGBTQ entrepreneurship with a keen focus on marketing SEO, and public relations (PR).  We further chat about the current changes in live events to leveraging online virtual events/conferences with a high production value contrasting the past of the logistics of live events versus virtual content that can reach thousands day and night.  Matt and Pink Media is continually experimenting to evolve their strategies.    

We discuss social media etiquette and properly using it for business networking with authenticity on sites like and LinkedIn.  Recently even Gary Vee has been touting the opportunities on LinkedIn.  We share some stories of how some LinkedIn profiles are inappropriate as well as compare and contrast the value of social media sites and being very selective on what you post can actually increase engagement versus sharing low-quality content often.    In our conversation, Matt shares a bit of his entrepreneur journey along with current and future plans.  

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To connect with Matt find him on OutBüro here.

About Pink Media

We integrate the power and reach of content & social media marketing with traditional online strategies including banner ads and e-mail campaigns. We merge PR, Advertising, Marketing & Social Media.

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