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Max Appenroth: Transgender Experience Focused Healthcare Consultant

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Max Appenroth: Transgender Experience Focused Healthcare Consultant based in Berlin, Germany.

Max is a male of transgender experience and has had to navigate the public medical system of Germany where doctors are assigned. The assigned doctors were generalists with little to no experience with transgender patients. This led him to have in most cases to educate his doctors on what he needed and how to best treat him. Max is striving to educate the health care and pharmacology community on how to best be inclusive and respond to the sensitivities and needs of the transgender community as patients. His education is inclusive helping companies and organizations be wider and fuller in their diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Gender Identity is the feeling of self whereas sexual orientation is the desire towards.

Building your gender-neutral language may seem odd at first, but like all things, the more it is used the more natural it will be.

Max and I discuss how languages that are gendered such as German in where a table is masculine e and a door is feminine creates boundaries for the transgender community. In many cases, the neural term “their” is used. However in German “their” is “Sie” and she is “sie”. It is spelled and sounds exactly the same. The only difference is the capitalization. Language shapes reality and can I fluence how one perceives themselves. In languages that use verbs gender, they must take extra care to form inclusive language.

LGBTQ persons are less likely to receive the care they need due to fear of discrimination. The LGBTQ community experiences life struggles at a greater level and may need more self-care time than other employees. This was in part the reason Max formed his own company to set his own schedule to have the flexibility to be his healthiest self. Employers could implement flexible schedules that would benefit all employees and the employer-supported by numerous studies.

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