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Mon, Sep 20, 2021 Daily LIVE LGBTQ+ News Broadcast | Queer News Tonight

In this episode:
– RuPaul Makes History As Most Primetime Emmys As Person Of Color
– SAVE Champions Of Equality GALA Returns To South Florida
– Queer TikToker ‘I Might Get Fired For This One’ Exposing His Boss Anti-LGBTQ Bumper Sticker
– Coach Fired For Being Gay Was Told He’s A Danger To Kids
– America’s Incoming LGBTQ Rights Envoy Says Activists Are “Most Important Tool” For Change
– Would-be Politician Created Video Game Where Players Shoot Gay People At Pride Parades
– Company Forced To “Surrender Dorothy” Name Of Beer. It Didn’t Reference The Wizard Of Oz
– Hotspots Presents Scott Holland’s What’s Hot This Week
– Pope Again Says NO To Same-Sex Marriage
– Thousands March For LGBTQ Ukraine Rights
– Special interview with Dr. Steven Davidson over the need for Sexologists and Sexual Therapy in the LGBTQ+ Community

Get the top headlines from the LGBTQ+ perspective with our anchors Al Ferguson, @FAY WHAT?! , Orlando Gonzales, Tarek Turjuman, and Rae Marie.

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