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Can you name over 1,000 LGBTQ+ movies? Neither could we.
Until now.

GayMovieDB- OutBuro Company Listing Employee Rating LGBT GLBT Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer Professional job portal seeker applicant career communityORLANDO, Fla., (Sep. 13, 2018) – Orlando Entertainment Group, LLC, is pleased to launch Gay Movie Database, the most comprehensive and easily navigable online database of over 1,000 titles of interest to the LGBTQ community.

From TV shows to short and feature-length films, the Database will allow users to easily discover new and old cinema that they have never previously found. One of Orlando Entertainment Group’s goals is to create exposure for media by using GayMovieDB’s vast user base.

The Database will include several special-interest categories to allow users the ability to filter titles based on a user’s preference such as “transgender” and “lesbian.”

GayMovieDB allows users to create accounts enabling them to review titles, save favorites and assign a “Queer Factor” score to each individual title. Queer Factor is Orlando Entertainment Group’s proprietary system for scoring how much of a title’s content pertains to LGBTQ themes. The database also provides the option for content creators to submit their short films to be included in the listings.

Additionally, GayMovieDB.com features listings for LGBTQ film festivals from around the world. The festival section of the site enables festival organizers to specify their event’s information, venues and the titles that they are showing. The site makes it easy for users to find pricing information and purchase tickets through the ticketing service used by the event coordinator.

GayMovieDB.com, which was launched in September, is a joint venture between Brock Cornelius, Managing Director, and Brandon Taylor, Creative Director.

“We realized this is a database that will be very helpful for the LGBTQ community,” says Taylor, who was asked in May to assist Brock in the creation of the database. “There are so many quality short films as well as full-length features that have never gained traction in the LGBTQ community. This makes it easy to discover films that the community may not previously have had a way to find.”

Brock provided his expertise in web design, while Brandon contributed the copy. The result: the Internet’s most comprehensive and easily navigable database of gay cinema.

Orlando Entertainment Group, LLC’s overall goal is to provide a comprehensive online database of gay media on the Internet—from gay cinema to literature. The company’s mission is to provide exposure never readily available to LGBTQ+ filmmakers and authors, their short and independent films, novels, and short stories.

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Dennis Velco

Dennis Velco

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I'm an LGBT media entrepreneur and activist of sorts. I am a US Army veteran. From my past fortune 1000/government consulting I have lived in many US cities and Europe and traveled extensively for past clients. My career has focused on facilitating change and support systems. I have many interest and hobbies. I'm focusing on great relationships. Gay male. Single.
Dennis Velco
Dennis Velco

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