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Local, regional and national LGBT Business Chambers of Commerce have a mission to help their gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer entrepreneur members excel in business and thrive in their environment.  There are so many reasons to join and be an active member of a chamber of commerce including:

  • Educational programs
  • In person networking opportunities
  • Voice in local, state, and national government
  • Business credibility
  • Local area visibility
  • Business mentorship
  • Discounts on goods and services from participating organizations.

OutBüro is partnering with LGBT Chambers of Commerce offering their member base and sponsors a discount on OutBüro premium level membership and business level features and services.

OutBüro Features and Benefits

Features are a la carte – members pay for the services and levels they desire.

OutBüro Membership is Free

JobPortal employer package discount

  • Does your Chamber website have a job board?  Great.  We aren’t looking to replace that.  We are in addition too.  It is in be the best interest of the employer to utilize multiple avenues to attract and find great candidates to join their team.
  • Every LGBTQ person is a potential OutBüro member and a potential customer/client for your business products or services.  If not desiring to utilize the JobPortal, don’t get overly focused on that.  Like LinkedIn, it can be a great resource for B2B and B2C outreach.
  • With OutBüro premium membership receive JobPortal trial membership that includes 3 standard and 2 featured job postings and view up to 20 passive candidate resumes from the growing resume database.  The JobPortal is more than a job opening listing.  It is a candidate management system.  Posting jobs one by one or provide an XML feed, receive active diversity qualified candidate applications and searching the growing database repository of passive candidates.
    • Ability to subscribe to all levels of JobPortal Employer packages from a startup business to unlimited at a discounted fee.
    • Being a diversity and inclusive employer, it provides the ability to market job openings to an LGBT audience.
    • Pubically acknowledge you are an employer who provides all or some of the following policies to support your LGBT employees:
    • Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Policy
    • Gender Identity Non-Discrimination
    • Domestic Partner Benefits
    • Supports LGBTQ Equality Globally (if operates in more than one country)
    • LGBT Inclusion Competency
    • Public Commitment to LGBTQ Equality
    • Requires Similar Policies for Contractors and Vendors
  • JobPortal employer packages range from $38-329* for small to large businesses with counts on job postings and resume searches.    $599 for unlimited access/annually*.
  • How to Hire the Right Employees for Your LGBT Owned Business
  • How to Build a Great Team in Your LGBT Owned Business
  • LGBT Entrepreneurs Hiring Your First Employee
  • 15 Ways to Improve Diversity LGBT Candidate Cultivation

Add/Claim business/organization CompanyReviews listings discount

Does your Chamber website have a business directory?  Great.  We aren’t looking to replace that.  CompanyReviews is more than a company listing, it is primarily an employee review/rating system for any company of any size and anywhere.  

  • Company Reviews – Good for Companies and Their LGBTQ Employees
  • Be a Superhero – Your Voice has the Power to Create Change
  • Indicate if your company/organization is a certified LGBT or other minority-owned business which certifying body.
  • Indicate if your company/organization seeks diversity vendors/suppliers.
  • Anyone can add a company/organization to the CompanyReviews directory and review/rate it anonymously.  You cannot prohibit anyone from adding your business to the system and giving it a rating.  What you can do is add/claim your listing providing you the ability to control the content representing your company/organization. 
  • Claimed listings unlock the ability to add additional images/photos and videos enhancing your listing to prospective employee candidates.
  • Being an LGBT business owner and even having the above policies does not defacto translate into your business being LGBT-friendly and law compliant.  Independent reviews/ratings from current and past employers can demonstrate that it is an LGBT safe place to work and do business with.   Having your company/organization listed on OutBüro is one more online business citation that enhances all the other local search engine optimation work you’ve done.   


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Dennis Velco

Dennis Velco

Everything Guy at OutBüro
I'm an LGBT media entrepreneur and activist of sorts. I am a US Army veteran. From my past fortune 1000/government consulting I have lived in many US cities and Europe and traveled extensively for past clients. My career has focused on facilitating change and support systems. I have many interest and hobbies. I'm focusing on great relationships. Gay male. Single.
Dennis Velco
Dennis Velco

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