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Is OutBüro a site for disgruntled LGBT current and past employees to just rant and vent?

The simple answer is NO. It is a site where gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees can provide anonymous review/rating feedback about their current and past employers. Rather than simply find fault, we encourage everyone to be more balanced in their approach. We encourage LGBT employees to provide LGBT friendly companies with praise, appreciation, and accolades. Neutral and negative feedback is an opportunity for companies to improve.  Every review/rating goes through an administrative review. In that moderation, we seek that the submitter provided proof of employment and that they followed the provided community guidelines.  Any member found to be abusing the service may be removed from the site at the administrator’s discretion.

All site members may vote up or down reviews as being helpful or not.  Also, they may be reported as inappropriate where the site member reporting provides a text reason.  Employers who claim their listing and is a subscribing member may provide a response to a rating/review.  We have a recommendation on that as well.

What does an OutBüro Company Review/Rating ask?

Reviews include an open text area for a general review and then prompts for both Pros and Cons as well as direct upper management feedback and company/office/branch location.  An easy way to see it is to simply explore the site.  Choose a company and click the Write a Review button.  As noted on the data collection screen, some data is for statistical purposes only and is therefore not visible on the site publically.

Additionally, the review asks the reviewer to respond with a ranking of 1-5 for the following:

  • LGBTQ Friendly
  • Likely to Recommend an LGBTQ Friendly
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Compensation-Benefits
  • Job Security
  • Advancement
  • Culture
  • CEO Performance

The above star rated questions are individually ranked, again 1-5.  The rating overall company score is summed from this set. The company’s total overall rating is a sum of all ratings posted on the site to date for the company.

Additional questions that are not scored but provide insight are:

  • Job Title
  • Job Category – Full-time, Part-time, Temp, Contractor, Freelance, Intern, Volunteer, Other
  • Employee Status: Current, Former
  • Year last worked: providing the past 5 years – we desire a current reviewed
  • Benefits received checklist: Healthcare, Domestic Partner Benefits, Transgender Benefits, Dental, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, 401K, Stock Options, Paid Time Off, and Discounts
  • Average Hours Per Day– grouped in hour blocks
  • Average Hours Per Week– grouped in hour blocks
  • Paid Time Off – grouped in hour blocks

We believe this provides additional insight and collectively the more reviews a company acquires the more of a full picture will be developed.

Can anybody post anything they want?

We provide guidance via our Company Review Guidelines and provide features where other community members may up and down vote reviews/rating as well as flag them as inappropriate. Community Guidelines clearly outline what’s okay and what constitutes an activity that might lead to content to be removed. For instance, we request members to not post any confidential company information. Also to be respectful of others and give a balanced approach in their reviews/ratings.

How are reviews and other content moderated?

To make sure the most accurate, transparent, and invaluable advice is available to job seekers while balancing value to companies, OutBüro follows a collection of guidelines and principles.

  • We offer the ability for community members to vote if a review/rating was helpful to them
  • We offer the ability for employers and community members to flag a review as inappropriate which places it in a moderation queue for human review.
  • We don’t edit or alter content submitted on our site
  • We eliminate content if we have proof members were had monetary or other incentives to leave it
  • We do not allow employers to edit or change reviews

Can employers manipulate or remove testimonials?

No. Employers may and are encouraged to respond to company reviews/rating both negative and positive. It demonstrates they are listening and care about their employees work culture experience. Company criticism should be responded to in a non-defensive voice. A company may not, however, edit or reorder reviews.

Do employers have a voice on OutBüro?

Yes. We encourage all employers to be active on the site, by adding/claiming their listings, create a robust company review listing with information specific to the LGBT employees, add company photos and videos, respond to all reviews/ratings, flag content, join community groups and participate, add content to OutBüro’s blog and post open job opportunities.

Is OutBüro just for job seekers?

Employers can target and affect job seekers when they’re making decisions where to apply or what job offer to take. Candidates seek information and as an employer, you have the ability to proactively participate in what they learn about you.

Do only younger workers and Millennials use OutBüro?

No. LGBT Job seekers of all ages and backgrounds are wanting to research companies online on OutBüro.

Can employers ask employees to write reviews?

Yes. We’d love to have you launch such a campaign. Besides improving employee engagement and creating internal brand ambassadors, providing this “inside perspective” is a fantastic way to assist job seekers deciding if the company is a great fit for them. But, it is strictly against OutBüro’s guidelines to offer incentives in exchange for company reviews/ratings.

We are currently working on creating employee engagement templates to help you jump start your internal company review/rating campaign on OutBüro. If a link is not updated here, use the site Contact form to request.

We look forward to having you part of the OutBüro community.

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