Paul Lorenz: Painter, Composer, Architect, Renaissance Man

Paul Lorenz is gay LGBTQ artist renaissance man whose work not only spans but unites art, painting, photography, dance, performance, video, film making, architecture, and music. Paul is definitely an LGBT artist worth checking out. He is a multi-disciplinary multi-medium artist who not only has incredible abstract paintings he blends his painting with performance work including dance, video, and originally composed music. He is a trained architect renaissance man. His artwork has been seen globally in exhibitions, galleries, and museums in both solo and group shows. As a trained architect he explores the concept of a line in form and function in his paintings. He completed a Masters in Music to delve deeper into expressing lines through sound. He states that based on a line he conceptualized what it sounds like by taking things such as angle, direction, thickness/weight, texture and color into account. He explains that adding a layer of originally composed music with a painting is another layer of expression, understanding, connecting, and experiencing the art. Lorenz also often blends live performance and/or video performance art all together creating a full sensory emersion experience. Lorenz works out of his home and LGBTQ community art center located in Pheonix, Arizona, United States.

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