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Groups Just for Women

We recently implemented the ability to categorize groups. Now at the top level, you can choose to go to the group list categorized for women.

  • search
  • chat
  • share
  • information
  • support
  • educate
  • engage
  • connect
  • meet
  • thrive together
  • Currently, there are over 240 groups on OutBüro. Each has been categorized
  • Search and join groups that interest you. Create groups and set the group tone
  • Delegate, assign other group members as moderators, as managers, and transfer group ownership

All while shaping your own OutBüro experience and the community. See the What can I do in Groups, and Control Your Experience articles. in the Knowledge Base.

Access to groups is now part of the Yearly/Monthly membership plans.

Here are a few ideas for groups you might create:

  • Lesbian Relationships
  • Lesbian Dating
  • Women’s Health
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Women In Sports
  • Lesbians in College
  • Lesbian Lawyers
  • Lesbian Realtors
  • Women in Science
  • Women in _________
  • Lesbian Travels
  • Lesbian Bikers
  • Drag Kings
  • Lesbians in Dallas
  • Lesbians in India
  • Lesbian Comedy
  • Lesbian Films/Shows
  • Lesbian Literature
  • Lesbian Surfers
  • Women Who Hike

etc… you get the idea.

If you create it, be direct or creative with the group name, avatar, and cover. Check out the Joining and Creating Groups Knowledge Base article.

Thriving together

We recently refocused the site and allowed active Yearly/Monthly members to optionally be affiliates/influencers and earn a residual income. Check out the Affiliate/Influencer Income Estimator.

Are you interested in the group because you are a writer or content creator? See Get Published on OutBüro.

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Has Covid Put Your Hopes and Dreams on the Back Burner? Here’s How to Recover Them.

Have your hopes and dreams been suspended during the pandemic? Even if you stayed physically healthy, it’s commonly recognized Covid took an emotional toll on all of us. Part of the price of the pandemic is its theft of so many dreams.

Perhaps like me, you were forced to back-burner your long-range dreams and aspirations, while you focused solely on staying alive.

The Shock of Covid Affected Us All

It’s difficult to keep our passions alive when we’re unsure about basic issues such as health, depressed moods, loneliness, loss of jobs, income, and housing uncertainty. I’m still spinning from shock over the effect of the pandemic on my mood, career, and weight. Yes, I too added the Covid 15 to my waistline and yes, I too was depressed. How could I not be? I like to be around people, and I am a motivational speaker with no live audiences. Without those basics, I’m not a happy camper.

However, I had my past to lean on, and I have experience holding onto my dreams for a long time before they became reality. By sharing my story, I hope to instill the confidence that you too can resurrect your own grandest dreams.

Look to Your Experience for Guidance

I first stepped foot into a tiny sailboat when I was 13 years old, and shortly thereafter I loudly declared I was going to sail my own boat around the world. That was easy to say as a kid but making the dream a reality actually took 33 years. Why so long? Life happened. I built a career and a business, bought a home with my partner, and had built a nice comfort zone.

Can You Let Go of Your Comfort Zone? Let Your Passion Drive You

My passion for sailing around the world had to be deep-rooted to make me even consider giving up such a comfortable life. And indeed, it was that powerful. I had been dreaming of sailing around the world for 33 years, so when I saw the chance to make my dream come true, I took it. My partner and I sold the company, I bought a boat, and embarked on a path of total commitment driven by my passion. Recalling the steps I took to make my dreams come true reminds me I can do it again, and so can you. Are you ready to let go of some of your comfort zone?

Take These Steps to Recover Your Dreams

  • First of all, you have to know what it is you want in order to achieve it. I had to turn my dream into a specific vision of what I wanted including the size and type of boat, who would be my crew, and a timeline.
  • Then, breaking your big dream into smaller actionable steps is crucial to preventing the overwhelm that goes with transforming your grand vision into reality. When I added up the achievement of these smaller goals, the sum was my dream coming true.
  • Next is to identify the areas in which you need help and then to go out and get that help. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, as generally people like to help each other.
  • Leaving your comfort zone behind is scary, as is the unknown path ahead. The subject of my first TEDx talk was learning to manage fear and using it to your advantage. Once you are comfortable with your fears, the world is your oyster.
  • Remember, it’s your long-term vision that drives you through short-term obstacles. There were plenty of hurdles in my way but keeping my eyes on the long-term vision kept me going.
  • Believe you are going to succeed in achieving your dreams. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small. Whether it’s sailing around the world, opening a corner coffee shop, or volunteering for your favorite charity, believing in your dreams is important.
  • Lastly, be your own support team by committing to your plan, and don’t let setbacks be more than temporary bumps in the road. When you commit to an idea, your brain believes you and gets in line with the plan. I learned to persevere through tough times, knowing tenacity is a trait best learned from practice.

We have all been delayed by nearly two years, but it’s time to put that behind us. I’m optimistic by nature, and I think it’s well-founded here. Your dreams and hopes delayed by Covid may have been temporarily pushed aside, but it’s time to find them again. The setback is over, so reach deep into your heart, grab your dreams, dust them off, and begin living again.

Larry Jacobson is a Certified Dream Coach, Retirement, and Leadership Coach, and understands from his own experience what it takes to make your dreams come true. His self-guided video programs and personal coaching are available to you, and you’ll find more information at www.BuoyTraining.com

Curtis Danskin Four Steps That Can Chang Your Life lgbtq entrepreneur gay professional business owner OutBuro communit member

Four Steps That Can Change Your Life

Every single day that you are fortunate enough to wake up, you are faced immediately with a question: how are you going to face the day?  You have to make a choice.  Here are 4 steps that will ground you every morning so that your day is strong, confident, and productive.

Step 1. Be the reason

Accept that there will be decisions during the day that need to be made.  Accept that there will be disappointments and setbacks.  From long red lights to major health setbacks – life is full of them.  But life is also full of victories, both small and large.  Embrace the mindset that tells you that each day is loaded with good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly, and the positive and negative.

Step 2.  Heart Connection

Make sure that your heart and your mind are connected and on the same page. You have the ability to succeed but if your mind isn’t on the same page as your heart, you are already in conflict.  When your mind and heart are in tune you set yourself up for success.  Take a quick moment and breathe, listen to your heart, and pay attention to the rhythm in your head and then connect the two as one.


Step 3. Accountability

Don’t do it alone. During the day as you face both challenges and successes, you must have someone who is willing to stop running, turn around, reach down and pick you up.

Step 4. Finally

Stop whining. Don’t start your day with negative statements.  The moment you rise start telling yourself positive statements, looking forward through the day at things that will be good from a simple great cup of coffee, to the refreshing ice water in your cup, to spending time with loved ones at the close of the day.  Gather those positive thoughts and use them to fuel you through the rough spots. Don’t focus on what might be – focus on what you know WILL be and if negative things happen, you are prepared for them.  They won’t catch you off guard and more importantly, you’ll set yourself up to face them head-on and win.

So say to the day – bring me your best or bring me your worst – I’m ready.  Bring it.

The Reality of Mentoring Coaching lgbtq entrpreneurs startup professionals business owners careers outburo

The Reality of Mentoring/Coaching

Remember, that reaching for your dreams is a verb.  It’s action – and it’s always IN action.  Your goals and dreams may change as YOU change and grow closer to them and that’s ok. That’s part of the journey.  You can’t focus on whether or not you made it to the finish line – you need to focus on the journey, on the trip that gets you there – that’s where the greatest rewards can be found.

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Sharing “Black Horizon”

Thank you to OutBuro.com for this opportunity to share my passion for creating and blending art and music.  My work is visual and audible and I try to keep my blog/website as visual and audible as possible.  Though words can be quite accurate, sometimes pictures and sounds conjure the right mood.

I try to complete a digital image based on current and past photographs every morning…a kind of meditation to start my creative day.

Black Horizon is today’s image…

Paul Lorenz American Artist
Paul Lorenz – American Artist

For  more information check out these videos: