The Queer Textbook

The Queer Textbook is an experience. A documentation of the gay agenda. As queers, we have been erased, silenced, and forgotten. Taken out of textbooks, taken out of history. But not anymore. Our history is so rich in love, strength, determination, and community. We have a colorful culture that cannot be ignored. So together, let’s make our own textbook. Only Queers. The Queer Textbook.


Queer Forty Podcast

The Queer Forty Podcast is all about celebrating LGBTQ+ life over forty! Host Richard Jones is joined by special guests each episode for features, interviews and more to celebrate aging with pride!

The Queer Agenda

Sophia and Rachel are your hosts, leading you on a really, really queer adventure.

Queer Ed Podcast

Queer Ed is a philosophy. Our podcast is founded on the basis of ‘Queer Theory’ and ‘critical pedagogy’. It’s more than developing an awareness of LBGT+ diversity and inclusion within schools, this podcast aims to: promote diverse gender identities, fight social inequalities in education, critique the heteronormative culture of educational institutions and challenge cis-normative & heteronormative assumptions. Every episode, we’ll focus on a different issue in education, from discussing the latest research, how we can queer curriculum and provide safe spaces for queer teachers and students.

Queer Icons

Every episode, We provide a mini documentary about an important figure in the LGBTQ+ community. Providing background, history, and fun facts about each person. At the end of the episode we discuss how the featured person has attained icon status in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, or queer community.

Queer Revelations

The podcast that looks at life love and laughter through queer tinted eyes. Each episode I sit down with someone who I know or admire and we talk about our lives, what’s made us laugh, cry and burst with excitement and joy. We each give our view on social, political and cultural issues centred around the LGBTQ+ community in an open and safe environment. Come join us, become apart of the journey and prepare to discover your Queer Revelations.

*The podcast contains some adult themes and humour, viewer discretion is advised*

Dear Queer

Comedian and filmmaker Robin Cloud sits down with a talented member and/or ally of the Queer community to tackle listeners’ questions on topics ranging from sex, relationships, money, work and well… the struggle in general.

Need advice from the best friends you wish you had? Send us your toughest, most embarrassing questions by emailing [email protected] or by filling out this form:


Queer In Love

Queer In Love is a show about queer relationships by queers, for queers. Join host Diego Amado as he gets to know couples, throuples, singles, and fellow queers through discussions on politics, religion, pop culture, capitalism, race, sex, and more.