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Talking about issues that fat people and their admirers face in relationships, media, and society. Dan and Trevor (chaser/chub) bring expert opinions on the subjects while Don and Michael (chub/chaser) bring anecdotal experience and lots of questions. Two chubs, two chasers; two Millennials, two Gen-Xers; two experts, two laymen. A well-rounded bunch!

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Dan and Michael talk about communication, why size sometimes matters, and other issues that come up between chubs and chasers.

Don and Trevor continue their discussion on chasers,communication styles, and a proposal for a new holiday.

Don and Trevor discuss chasers,communication styles, New York vs LA, and hugs.

The boys talk about a NYT article on the limited value of exercise and a website promoting fat mutual aid. We also discuss our surprising reactions to Steven King’s Thinner. Happy Halloween!

The boys discuss Kumail Nanjiani's interview about getting buff for Eternals and yet another fat suit for Renée Zellweger’s latest movie. Also, we talk to Sam King of Cruising at Large about chub/chaser cruises.

We discuss Patrick Starrr’s foray into plus-size fashion, one company’s “radical” use of mannequins that look like their customers, and chub/chaser bars and monthly events—what we miss and what we don’t.

This week the boys talk about Trevor’s run-in with reality TV, fat fight scenes, fat hikers of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the backlash against fat liberation in social media.

The boys continue their stories of chub/chaser life and give a tip for a fat-friendly children’s book. We also play 2 truths and a lie (part 2 of 2). Tip: Another Book For Fat KidsThe Supervillain's Guide to Being a…

This week we discuss anti-fat bias in clearing people for knee-replacement surgery, blaming fat kids for Covid deaths, and plus-sized fashion at the MET Gala. Also, we get personal, and tell a few stories from our chub/chaser lives (part 1…

This week the guys talk about crop tops on Alaska Airlines, Sarah Paulson’s response to her critics about wearing a fat suit, and the impact of toxic masculinity on growing up fat in Hollywood.

This week the guys talk about recent interviews by Harvey Guillén and Alana Thompson (aka Honey Boo Boo) and how we can help people suffering in Lousiana and TX. We also offer some self-care techniques for grim times.

We talk about Old Navy making their stores more inclusive, Melissa McCarthy's new movie, and ways to support Afghan refugees. Plus we unpack OnlyFans near banning of adult content and what it means for the growing movement to sanitize the…

This week the boys discuss the ongoing battle fat people face to receive adequate healthcare, Nicole Byer's new stand-up special, and tattoos for fat bodies. We also recast fat suits with fat actors.

The boys talk about Lizzo needing her 6’ of space, Jonah Hill’s new body-positive tattoo, and a club in Miami that is expressly prohibits fat women.

We discuss a BBW motorcycle crew, a new big fat gay musical, and Healthy-ish’s interviews w/ Jana Schmieding & Jessamyn Stanley. We also discuss deciding on whether to go to chub/chaser events in this new surge of COVID. Pop CultureThe…

We discuss David Harbour’s weight loss for Black Widow and his wife’s "mixed feelings,” a study that concludes fat men with metastatic prostate cancer outlive their lean cohorts, and the delicate dance of introvert/extrovert dating.

The boys talk about a straight chub/chaser couple taking flack in Britain, the bullying of a CDC researcher who followed data over dogma, and the plethora of euphemisms for the F word—fat.

We discussstolen fat people pics, Pinterest’s newban on weight-loss ads, andbody-positivity’s able-ism. We also talk aboutnavigating outings with friends and family in a post-vax world.

The boys talk about the horrors of being fat in New Zealand, a doctor’s article on the prejudices of obesity research, and some tips for traveling fat this summer. We also answer a chaser’s email about not finding a chub…

This week the boys discuss a fat-shamed dress mannequin in England, Samantha Bee taking on the weight-loss industry, and getting fat-shamed in life when you least expect it.