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We're back Creamies for the 2020 Pride48 Weekend...maybe we'll stick around.

With a new year dawning I've said goodbye to 3 influential forces in my life. RIP Florence Sodus, Jerry Mosey and Carol Channing.

Black Jack 101, alone in a hotel room and 11 shows in 48 hours.

We are back from the dead and easing back into the podcast. Recorded live to tape 10-8-18.

Another older unreleased show...funky audio. Please join us for the LIVE Pride48 Weekend at 11pm ET on Friday June 22 on

We're back and just in time for a Royal Wedding!

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! A laid back New Year.

Wendy's receipt report, theatre talk, Pride48 NOLA and special guest appearance by the Fat One.

Gym class, tax codes, theatre and inappropriate advances.

Backlog: This episode is pre-Thanksgiving with special appearances by Joey's Mom and Taylor the Latte Boy of Pod is My Co-Pilot. 

We're trying to get back to real time. Enjoy the journey.

This week Joey's brother John joins the show.  What could possibly go wrong? Firearms never make good gifts and Mom loses it over cat food.

It’s hot as balls in Buffalo so the air conditioner is ON in the studio. Puerto Rico is a mess. Thanks Trump. If I were a rich man and won the lottery I would…, and a new Star Trek. Is…

Wendy takes a leave from the show and we talk shit about her. Joey discusses his Indy Fringe adventures with Betsy Carmichael and Donna goes on a DATE. Stop the presses! The Broadway World Regional Award - Please Vote for Best Actor…

Summer theatre rehearsals are in full swing with Beauty and the Beast, Killer Rack and the Betsy Carmichael "Tour" dates.  Donna holds a successful meat raffle, and Joey eats his way thru New England.

Wendy decided to do a somersault down the stairs and is now ready for Halloween.

Wendy jumps back into the world of online dating!

It's the day before the 4th of the 3rd of July. We discuss TV and Wendy's addictions and stuff.

The title really says everything.  Enjoy!