My Transgender Life


My Transgender Life, The Blogs from HuffPost 2015-2017 are my recordings of the 100+ blogs I published 5 years ago on a weekly basis. The stories are much more than just about my being transgender, and each has a lesson on acceptance for all people in addition to help everyone better understand at least one transgender experience. I believe that their messages are timeless.

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Latest Episodes

Project Hellfire is a short story of speculative fiction that I wrote in April 2020 and published on   At the beginning of lockdowns and quarantines adn presidential primaries, I looked into one of my crystal balls.  This story…

Episode 36. Sometimes we do not even recognize the we ourselves are changing, but most certainly this is something that is always occurring.

Episode 35: A story about my dad,  his spirit and my journey to accept my spirit

Episode 34;  The results of a cvisit with a dermatologist and some invasive surgery made me consider my journey.

Episode 33:  Is stress good or bad?  How living my truth helped me deal with stress adn allow me to understand love a bit more.

Episode 32 A rose by any other name.  There is more than just make and female in this world , and learning to say, "I understand."

Episode 31:  My view of the Meaning of Life, with reference to Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning

Episode 30 I went inside and found the lost box of all my feelings that were buried so deeply. A discovery that save me, on so many levels..

Episode 29:  We all have monsters in us.  The challenge is learning how to tame them and make them our companions.

Episode 28  We never transition alone.  Sometimes the journeys of who we are close to can be harder than ours.

Episode 27  Find the songs that in in your heart.  Only then will you live your truth.

Episode 26:  A big stretch for me in dropping all my defenses.

Episode 25:  A return to the Jenner Journey, but appropriate to our lives today in the time of a pandemic.

Episode 24:  How 6 degrees of separation can help with trans acceptance.

Episode 23:  Listen to how I answer the classic riddle of "What Comes First,  Understanding or Acceptance"

Episode 22:  I was invited to attend a panel on Trans inclusion in sports at ESPN, This is a summary of what the presenters taught us.

Episode 21:  My annual reissue of my Father's Day Blog, "I am Still (a) Dad" that I originally wrote in 2013.  With a little extra.  

Episode 20; The final of my 4 blogs about the Jenner transition.

Episode 19:  My response to the Jenner coming out on Vanity Fair. So many mixed feelings!

Episode 18:  I wrote this a week before the Vanity Fair cover and the I am Caitlin announcement.