True Stories of The Lives of Queer and Trans People. Join in now and listen to the podcast hosted by Callie Wright.

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Jaelen has tried HRT and figured out it wasn't for them. We don't hear enough of those stories.   Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/4UNKsnZr   Love you friends

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is a theoretical physicist, feminist theorist, and she thinks particle physics is amazing. so do i!

did you know there was once a women's pro football league? i didn't...

unshockingly, trying to publish science that challenges the status quo is hard   follow Nicole on twitter @nbedera  

Keira's had a lot stacked against her in life

Detryck is Black, queer, leftist, and a gun owner. he's going to tell us why the left needs to give another look to the gun debate

has some pretty intense ones lately

Emily has Tourette's syndrome, but thats not actually the source of her problems

Samuel Hatmaker decided to make a Golden Girls house out of LEGO. Then a few things happened...   check out Sam's stuff here: https://samhatmaker.wordpress.com/about-the-builder/

my friend Nichole recently got out of a pretty rough relationship. here's how she did it

We don't always do a great job talking about sex work. Mostly because sex workers are often left completely out of the conversation. So let's do some of that...

transphobia in the UK seems to have its own special flavor. what's the deal with that?   Check out Michelle's podcast What The Trans?! here: whatthetrans.com  Check out the Trans Safety Network here: https://transsafety.network/  Michelle also wanted to lift up…

the queer community's discourse on masculinity could be a lot better   connect with Dallas on Twitter @dallas_hawthorn   check out their work @Fireside_Folk and https://firesidefolktale.wixsite.com/site

sometimes its the things we don't say

new meds. who's this?

okay but how do you say "gay" in Klingon?

i tried something different this week. it feels good. and weird.

language is hard

given the media we had easy access to as kids...its honestly a miracle any of us figured out who we are

someone who was really important to me at one time died recently. and i'm feeling pretty complicated feels about that.