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A merry group of queers face their fears in a fantasy world where social norms aren't the only thing thrown out the window. Join our cast as they daintily slay the most insidious of creatures their dungeon master Kris puts in their path. Storylines start on the following episodes: Start on Come Out of the Quasit for Windblown (Seasons 1 - 3) Start on Once Upon a Time for Cursed (Airs October 17th)

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After preventing an assassination at Amber Logger's Lagers & Ink, our crew learns more of Scurvy's research and finally uncover a way to return Cherry to her world. Just four ingredients stand in their way. 

A cracked code leads our players to a new contact, but they arrive to find trouble. It's a battle episode!

After opening a strange package with a talking sausage, Humphrey and Cleo join Edith and Cherry at Big Papa's Tacos to wait for the arrival of Kris' most intolerable NPC yet. Then our casts' collect brain is tested with an…

It's a special bones episode for Halloween. This year Annameike and Hogom have invited their old friends Benny, Tara, Jet, and even Yves to a costume party for a grand reunion full of party games, strange noises, and a few…

Now that our characters have met and discovered the body of Scurvy Summers, they embark on a quest to hunt down her murderer and regain access to the fairy world. Their first clue arrives in a mysteriously loud package.

RGRP returns with a new story, a new setting, and new characters. Meet Edith, Humphrey, Florals, and Cherry in the first episode of our new story.

We're back to answer questions and discuss the campain on the third installment of Tea Time. We are joined by our guest host, the talented and funny Nico from A Fool's Quest ( If you still have unanswered questions about…

In this post season wrap-up, we take a brief look at how each character has adapted to life outside of dangerous adventuring and fighting evil. Thank you so much for listening to this story we've created.

This is it! The season three finale is here. Who killed the Queen? Who is being framed? Why so many body parts? Find out how our story concludes in this extended episode. 

After delivering the news of the Queen's demise, the group visits the council's own shopping center before settling down in their respective rooms. A jarring knock brings good news and a grave warning

After further investigating the gruesome scene inside the dragon's lair, the bad news must be delivered to the Council. Benny's of suspicious characters continue to as she comes to terms with the fact that someone she loves is betraying her.

A mighty dragon has taken the Queen. Weapons in hand, the group rushes to save the Queen in what proved to be their mightiest enemy yet. Death saves will be rolled.

After discussing who should become the newest enemy of the podcast, Yves, Benny, Tara, and Jet continue their investigation into the missing Queen. Just as the clues begin to make sense to one person, a startling announcement is made.

Before departing the luxurious Island of Y'dis for the Council, the group puts distrust aside and comes together as a new problem arises. 

Realizing she has few people left to turn to, Benny opens up to Tara and reveals a troubling journal. Tara and Jet see obvious concerns of pending doom. 

We're taking a step back from the story to bring you some updates from the RGRP crew and a look inside one of our Patreon perks.

The tense beach moment comes to a head as spells are cast and insults are thrown. Benny's confusion leads her to question everyone. Who is an ally and who is an enemy?

After sharing the songs of our lives, we talk about some brand new items that were gifted to the cast. Benny's brain experiences an information overload after a secret meeting and she lashes out, accusing one of her friends of…

The S.S. Railroad has finally reached its destination, the Island of Y'dis. The island is full of happy people living their best life as they are devoted to Y'dis, the god of pleasure who also only speaks in anti-rhythmic singing. 

After discussing the lesbianic traits of Harry Styles, the crew pillage the fallen hags to locate their holy symbol. Then they get face to face with some prehistoric beasts guided by a totally trustable professor.