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A podcast series, made by the students, run by the students, for the students. It will focus on law students in specific but will have lots of general student-related topics. It is all about tips, sharing experiences, and having fun.

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In this episode we talk about the unsuccessful applications, how to improve applications, clearing, the advantages and disadvantages of clearing, and the benefits of gap year. This episode will help to think about your backup plans, in case your UCAS…

In this episode, we will talk about the stress from the results day and the useful methods to deal with the unhealthy amount of pressure for the results day.

In this episode, we talk about saving money on books and other study materials, by being eco-friendly and using ebooks and electronic notes!

In this episode, our special guest Mariam, joined us to discuss her experience of studying in lockdown. Mariam is a Law and Criminology student from the University of Birmingham, and she spent most of her first university year remotely due…

In this episode, Amir introduces himself and the series! ➡️IG: whatsup_lawyer