Press Release or Article Optimization and Distribution

From your OutBüro profile under the Blog – Create tab, you are able to submit press releases and articles at no cost. Your first several postings via that method are held for moderation simply for appropriate content.

We provide the option to review, hone and maximize the search engine results for your press release or article. We leverage full-page text and image SEO optimization techniques targeting the LGBT professional and entrepreneur. In addition to this site, we have built an off-site social media distribution network that includes over 70,000 LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Fortune 1000 level executives. Submit your press release or article for a small fee to cover the cost of our time in editing, SEO optimizing, image cost (if any), image editing (branding, etc), our time is socially promoting your news leveraging our influence and social distribution reach. You are therefore not paying to submit a press release or article. You are paying for our time, expertise and influence.

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