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Brey Willows
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LGBTQ Writer, Editor, all around word fiend
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I love words. I love molding them, playing with them, learning about them. I love helping other people use them. I love to read and I'm a fan of pretty much every genre out there.

Through my work with Global Wordsmiths and Global Words Press I get to spend all my time doing things with words, which makes me a very happy editor.

Global Wordsmiths is a community interest company, meaning a big part of what we do is community based. This is important to me, as there are so many people who feel unheard and unseen, and finding ways to give them a platform to be heard is seen is vital. To date, we've done fourteen books with organizations like Nottingham Hospice, AGE UK, Trans4me, and the Southwell Workhouse.

What else...I have an MA in English composition and literature, which I got in California though I now live in the UK. I've written and published six novels under a different name, as well as lots of short stories. I also teach workshops for various organizations and lead writing retreats in other countries.

Key Accomplishments
Award-winning author, multiple published novels. Have worked with multiple award winning authors. Have won awards for queer community work.

Multiple novels and short stories under various pen names. Brey Willows is the most consistent.
Hues of Harmony (2023)
Lines of Love (2022)
Song of Serenity
Changing Course
Spinning Tales
Fury's Death
Fury's Choice
Fury's Bridge

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