Puzzle Break Leads The Future Of Professional Development In Virtual Escape Rooms

First-Of-Its-Kind Team-Building Workshops Create Opportunities For Growth

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Puzzle Break, the first U.S.-based escape room company, is officially announcing its virtual professional development series, Excellence Unlocked. Created after nearly a decade of astute observation, research and data pulled from Puzzle Break’s own game operations, these half-day workshops capture the fun and excitement of escape rooms and foster honest conversations about areas of opportunity as well as hone collaborative skills in real-time at the individual and team levels.


“One of the most intriguing things about Excellence Unlocked, and Puzzle Break overall, is the level of deep research and meticulous planning that has gone into every detail of the experiences – from the game play to the training of our facilitators,” said Nate Martin, CEO and Co-Founder of Puzzle Break. “This isn’t just theoretical data pulled from an old textbook – every statistic and key learning is based from a decade of closely observing the teams that have walked through our door.”

How It Works

Using an exclusive formula conceived by the Puzzle Break team, Excellence Unlocked takes teams through a variety of collaboration-based, virtual escape experiences designed to challenge and refine the group’s communication tactics and problem-solving skills. Each workshop includes four game segments, two discussion periods and a final debrief that recaps the experience and gives teams the opportunity to discuss lessons learned.

Led by specially-trained senior Puzzle Break facilitators, the discussion periods are strategically placed throughout the day and provide an open forum to deliberate on team progress, collaborative successes, and actionable opportunities for improvement. Facilitators are present throughout the entire experience and monitor the teams’ performances closely to unearth specific trends and recommend further collaboration strategies that go beyond game play.

At the end of the workshop, participants are provided take-home reports that further analyze both individual and team performances, strengths and weaknesses, along with individually-tailored roadmaps for ways each person can apply what was discussed in a workplace setting.

The Puzzle Break Method

Excellence Unlocked – and Puzzle Break’s entire suite of offerings – are structured around four fundamental keystones: Leadership, Amenability, Creativity and Vulnerability. The Puzzle Break team identified early on in their own escape room research that each keystone was observed in every successful team, and they were significantly lacking in the least successful teams. With this in mind, the Excellence Unlocked puzzle experiences were crafted to help teams identify the strengths and levels of each keystone that team members hold in effort to grow and build up the team as a whole.

As employers continue to grapple with scattered and hybrid workforces, Puzzle Break’s mix of in-person experiences, virtual team-building adventures and now Excellence Unlocked professional development workshops are revolutionizing how teams can grow and bond even while physically apart. And with more cutting-edge offerings set to launch later this year, Puzzle Break is ushering in the next generation of team-building experiences for every type of workforce.

“These workshops extend far beyond any other professional development workshops that only leave team members with oversimplified key learnings,” said Martin. “Not only is the curriculum content superior to anything available on the market, but the virtual capabilities add massive value to meet the needs of a complicated, uncertain workforce. Plus, it’s fun as hell.”

Teams and companies interested in Excellence Unlocked workshops can inquire here or email booking@puzzlebreak.com.

About Puzzle Break

Puzzle Break was established as the first American Escape Room company in 2013 by Nate Martin – the founding father of escape rooms – and Dr. Lindsay Morse. Headquartered in Seattle, Puzzle Break has physical escape room locations in New York, Massachusetts and on Royal Caribbean cruise ships around the world. In addition to its virtual escape room offerings, Puzzle Break has also operated workplace team-building challenges in a pre-COVID world at offsite meetings, retreats and corporate events for Fortune 500 companies across the US.

For more information please visit www.puzzlebreak.us.


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