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300 Madison Ave 24th Floor, New York, NY 10017, USA
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(646) 471-3000

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LGBTQ in Management
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Bob Moritz
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LGBTQ Inclusive Branding/Marketing

Customer LGBTQ Inclusive Marketing
PwC welcomes and invites all our LGBTQ employees to rate-review us here on OutBüro in support of LGBTQ corporate equality.  Help us continue to be a great place to work and improve with YOUR voice here on OutBüro.
We respect and value all our team members and know that your feedback here is vital to our mission of supporting our intent of a diverse and inclusive workforce while providing a safe and welcoming work environment. Your rating-review is mission critical above any outside report or index. 
From developing leaders at every level, to digital training to help you embrace the innovative technology of tomorrow, PwC provides you with support to help you develop your career and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and across multiple industries.

We help our clients meet the challenges and opportunities of the US marketplace in the areas of assurance, tax, and advisory. We offer the advantage of being part of a global network of firms combined with detailed knowledge of local, state and US national issues with more than 250,000 people in over 158 countries across the PwC network.

At PwC US, you will be part of a learning culture, where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence is rewarded, and diversity is respected and valued.
Mission: Innovative solutions, breakthrough thinking, new perspectives—they all start with you. We connect people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to solve important problems together—for our clients and for the world at large.

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How do you perceive the employer's dedication to fostering an LGBTQ inclusive work environment?
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Are there any LGBTQ in management. How well represented do you feel are LGBTQ in management?
LGBTQ Marketing
How inclusive is the employers customer facing marketing?
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How active do you perceive your employer in the LGBTQ community?
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How effective do you perceive your employer to be at attracting and retaining LGBTQ employees?
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