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Queer News Tonight Health Q&A with Dr. Grossman

“Welcome to Queer News Tonight’s Q&A on LGBTQ+ Health & Pandemic. Since February 2020 this segment has been unique in America answering you LGBTQ+ community questions about our unique health needs. We are proud to have Queer News Tonight Health Anchor Dr. Howard Grossman. He is an American pioneer in HIV/AIDS medical treatment and was the Executive Director of the American Academy of HIV Medicine. He is a nationally recognized medical expert and proud member of our LGBTQ+ community. Good evening Dr. Grossman. Before we move into viewer questions, what are your thoughts on this week’s health news for our community? Let’s jump right into tonight’s questions.

A new study shows the Moderna vaccine produces twice as many antibodies as Pfizer. If I got the Pfizer vaccine, should I get a Moderna booster?

Cam Newton, one of the top Quarterbacks in the NFL, was cut from the Patriots roster for being unvaccinated. Will more sports teams do this?

A judge in Ohio ordered a hospital to treat a patient with Ivermectin. What are your thoughts on this?

That is tonight’s Queer News Tonight Q&A on LGBTQ+ Health & Pandemic. We are here every Tuesday with Dr. Howard Grossman to answer your questions. Need medical assistance? We encourage you to contact Dr. Howard Grossman is here in Wilton Manors and all across South Florida. Thank you Howard. “

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