Ray Dalio Launches PrinciplesYou, a Free, Innovative Personality Assessment Backed by Best-in-Class Psychometrics

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Ray Dalio announced the launch of PrinciplesYou, a free, best-in-class personality assessment that gives rich, comprehensive insights into what people are like to help you better understand yourself and your relationships with others.

“Knowing how you think and how others you interact with think is critical in getting what you want in both your personal life and in work,” said Ray Dalio, Founder of Principles. “PrinciplesYou helps you and others build that understanding. To create this uniquely effective test, I worked with some of the best psychometricians to provide a highly reliable, scientifically engineered assessment. And I’m offering it for free so everyone can benefit from it.”

The assessment provides detailed descriptions of thinking styles. It describes multiple dimensions of an individual’s personality, including:

  • An overview of a person’s top 3 archetypes, which includes tendencies, talents, and opportunities for growth;
  • A deep dive into the core traits and how they are likely to play out in real life situations;
  • A comparison feature that allows two people who have taken the test to compare their results and learn about key aspects of their relationships and;
  • An ability to share and examine results with friends, family, and colleagues.

Designed with expert psychologists Dr. Adam Grant, Dr. Brian Little, and Dr. John Golden, PrinciplesYou combines rigorous psychometrics with years of insight derived from Dalio’s experiences building the leading investment firm, Bridgewater Associates.

“To achieve success, you need to know yourself and the people around you,” said Adam Grant. “Although your car comes with an owner’s manual, your mind doesn’t—and neither do your colleagues. We designed PrinciplesYou to help you gain the self-awareness and other-awareness that are critical to making good decisions, getting things done, and turning a group of coworkers into a great team.”

“PrinciplesYou was developed over a two-year intensive and creative R&D process with two goals in mind,” said Dr. Little. “First, it measures traits that Ray Dalio and his team have observed and studied for many years as critical for personal and organizational success. Second, it is based on the latest research in personality science. The assessment provides a person’s score on a comprehensive set of traits, their underlying facets and interactive patterns, and it has high reliability, internal structure, re-test reliability and validity of these traits and facets. A distinctive strength is its ability to predict an extraordinary array of actual behaviors observed by the Bridgewater staff over many years.”

A version of PrinciplesYou, called PrinciplesUs, is available for business use as a people management tool to help organizations understand their employees and then leverage that information to build teams. Sign up to learn more at https://www.principlesco.com/tools/us/.

About Principles

Principles, founded by investor and entrepreneur Ray Dalio, is a people management software company that offers an integrated suite of enterprise tools to help organizations improve employee and team performance. By systematically collecting data across an organization, the platform develops people intelligence to enable companies to develop their people and make better organizational management decisions. Learn more at http://www.principlesco.com.


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