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Resources for LGBT Entrepreneurs

Check out the listing of LGBT Chambers of Commerce who provide networking, advice, and resources for LGBT entrepreneurs.


OutBüro is a growing community of LGBTQ professionals of all types globally. That naturally includes current and aspiring entrepreneurs. On OutBüro complete your professional so others may find you and your business linking to your website. Similar to LinkedIn, your OutBüro profile is about you. Your skills. If a small business owner that often translates to be the skills of the company too.


If there is not yet an OutBüro online Group for your city/region or area of interest, such as Marketing, Finance, etc consider starting it. As others join, post questions for the group members to answer. Post links to great articles and more.


On your OutBüro profile indicate if you would like to be a mentor for others or if you would like a mentor. That is searchable.

Employer Listing

Add your business to the OutBüro employer listings. It is not your typical business directory, but rather an employer branding platform. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase what a great employer it is for it’s LGBTQ employees even if you are a company of one person.


On your personal profile and employer listing on OutBüro indicate if you are seeking funding for your business or if you have funding for others. Check out our listing of kown LGBTQ-friendly venture capital funds.

Showcase your company

On OutBüro you may submit articles to be included on the site’s main blog. It can be an article about your professional career and/or information, news and promotions about your company.

Out Entrepreneurs

Based in San Diego, CA, we embrace LGBT entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurs with tools and opportunities essentials to success.

Whether if you are established or still in your idea stage, we welcome you to connect with us and other like-minded entrepreneurs. Share your expertise and learn more from each other.

Allies and other underrepresented minority are also welcome to join us!  A good support system is important to every entrepreneur, let us motivate and inspire each other

Series Q

Based in London, we welcome members from all over the UK and beyond.

We commit to being inclusive of all peoples within the LGBTQ+ community and championing entrepreneurship across all industries.

Series Q is group of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and their colleagues across the startup ecosystem. This includes entrepreneurs, investors, wannabe founders, those who work in high-growth startups, entrepreneurs who have had a successful exit, and new founders who have recently taken the plunge.

Bringing us together is a desire to learn, build new connections and get inspiration from like-minded individuals.

We enable startups, many of which are too small to sustain internal LGBTQ+ affinity groups, to provide a forum for their LGBTQ+ people to connect.

Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum

Founded in 2012, Intertech LGBT+ Diversity Forum (“Intertech”), is a community for LGBT+ individuals and their allies.

We encourage LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in the UK technology sector for the benefit of the individual, the organizations they represent and the industry overall.

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An LGBTQ social entrepreneur who focuses on strengthening the global LGBTQ+ through connecting, engaging, online, and in person.

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