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Semaphore Launches Semaphore Syndication to Grow YouTube Creators’ Reach and Revenues on Facebook

Semaphore Syndication videos have already been watched for more than 1.3 billion minutes on Facebook

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AccountingSemaphore, an influencer marketing agency that provides an end-to-end suite of services to many of the world’s leading content creators, today announced the public launch of its latest company and product line, Semaphore Syndication. Established in 2020, it has been operating in stealth mode with select creators.

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Already, its syndicated content has generated over 1.3 billion minutes of watch time on Facebook in 2021, enabling its clients to significantly expand their audience on the platform. Along with the fast-growing watch time, it is on pace to generate more than $3 million in total revenue this year for clients.

“Semaphore clients know how to make compelling content for their audiences, but don’t always maximize how it’s used,” said Mike Bienstock, CEO of Semaphore. “For example, YouTube’s monetization programs are different from those of Facebook, and we are experts in navigating both. We offer a turnkey program for creators to reach a new audience on Facebook, a channel people are increasingly using to consume video content. We expect to generate $10 million dollars or more for creators next year on their syndicated content.”

To syndicate videos to Facebook and ensure maximum reach, Semaphore’s U.S.-based in-house editing team thoroughly edits YouTube videos to optimize content to match Facebook’s algorithm and format. As a result of the optimizations, syndicated videos created by Semaphore increase performance and audience growth.

For example, Cassandra Bankson, a skincare expert, medical aesthetician, and influencer with a social media following of over two million, saw dramatic increases of video views and followers. Views of her Facebook videos increased by over 25 million one-minute views within three months of working with Semaphore Syndication, with average view time growing by more than 600%, which led to her gaining 420,000 new followers on the platform.

“Before working with Semaphore Syndication, Facebook was an afterthought as I grew my YouTube and Instagram following,” said Cassandra Bankson. “Because I’m supported by a true partner in Semaphore, I’m now able to share my content on Facebook without any effort, enabling me to reach my audience while freeing up my time to focus on creating additional content for my community.”

When working with Semaphore, creators retain full ownership of their content, including their pages and videos, regardless of Semaphore’s editing and page management. Plus, creators can see project status in real-time, to always know exactly what is happening with their content. There are no long-term contracts, as they are for only six months and designed to protect Semaphore’s clients and the work they’ve created.

For more information about Semaphore Syndication, visit https://semaphorehq.com/syndication/.

About Semaphore – A Family of Companies

Semaphore was founded in 2002 and has grown exponentially over its 18-year tenure to include an innovative suite of services including accounting, tax preparation, payroll, insurance, brand, licensing management and syndication. Driven to offer best in class service through custom tailored support, Semaphore has earned the business of a diverse range of clientele with a niche for new media stars. Semaphore’s headquarters is located in Irvine, California where their team of seasoned professionals strive to see their clients thrive.

Learn more: SemaphoreHQ.com


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