Sharon Rea: Overcoming Fear to Transform Your Life

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Sharon Rea, a Total Life Change Expert coach located in South Whales.

01:00 Understanding WHY someone does what they do is insightful and inspirational. Further, hear how they arrived at where they are today in their professional career, business, or community leadership role may inspire others.

01:45 Sharen shares that earlier this year she had the idea to launch 3 Empowerment Days. One focused on the LGBTQ+ community, the second on women, and the third on men.

02:10 Fear due to the COVID pandemic has for some been compounded by underlying fears.

02:35 Sharen explains that low confidence, low self-esteem, not believing in oneself, panic, phobia, anxiety, are all based on fear.

03:15 Sharon has developed a content-free way of dealing with deep-rooted long-held fears without having to delve back into the past situations that were the root causes. The system has been trialed over and over with gray success.

04:00 Virtual workshops are coupled with a duration of support.

05:15 Confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It has to be taught/learned. 06:00 Dennis shares some personal experiences

16:00 For many four-letter dirty words are help, talk, play, and rest 16:30 Sharon shares some personal experiences

17:30 Sharon explain the difference between being shy and introverted

19:30 All thoughts and emotions are electrical and chemical. One gets addicted to the chemical naturally released based on the emotion. Fear, anger, depression, anxiety all release chemicals you can be addicted to. Luckily good healthy emotions and mental states are equally addictive.

23:00 Become aware of turning off the familiar autopilot to break free and change your life.

24:00 Sharon explains that her process blocks the fear and like switching on a light.

25:00 Sharon describes the empowerment course and follow-up.

27:00 Fear is a root emotion that builds layers. We discuss the fear of acceptance, love, money, success, prosperity, and more.

29:00 Accepting, respecting, loving and a relationship with yourself first is the most important and a foundation to give and receive from others. 32:00 Labels are the other person’s projections and attempt to make themselves feel comfortable. They do not define you.

36:00 Have rules of engagement and boundaries. Make others aware of what you will not do, discuss, tolerate, etc. If and when those are passed or broken halt it and remind the other person. If it continues you may need to reconsider that relationship, limit it and maybe walk away, no matter who it is.

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