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Technically the site is quite complex and different portions are updated weekly. Sometimes code updates may conflict with a cache stored version on your device in where your browser is not detecting a page update where due to our end, technically it has been updated. When we roll out updates we strive to clear the server-side cache which forces your browser to update. But sometimes that doesn't force your browser cache update to kick off. We test across 6 different browsers and they are not all created equally.

So, a first good rule of thumb is to first, save everything you have open, then reboot your device. Next, if the issue continues, clear your browser cache, close the browser and reopen it. If it still persists use this form and let us know. We appreciate you helping us make the site at perfect as it can be for everyone. Send us a detailed description and if you could include screenshots that often helps. We normally respond quickly the same day, but depending on the time sent it may be the next day.

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