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Spanning 95% of LGBTQ Print & Online Media: Rivendell

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Todd Evans, CEO of Rivendell Media.

Rivendell Media has over 42 years of being an integral part of the LGBTQ community. It represents around 95% of all LGBTQ print and online media in the United States and Canada. They help media companies grow and stay alive by bringing advertising to newspapers, magazine publications, and websites. If it weren’t for Rivendell’s consolidated approach many local LGBTQ newspapers, magazines and websites would otherwise struggle and have to staff their own advertising sales representatives.

39:45 Todd says, “I read every LGBTQ publication in America, Canada and around the world and there is nothing like your site (OutBüro). There is nothing business-oriented amongst LGBTQ media where you can really share. I highly encourage everyone to get involved especially if you are business-minded. Business is what has moved our market (issues) forward.”

The founder of Rivendell was originally a music promoter. He promoted Jefferson Airplane and Elton John. He toured with Elton John’s first American tour promoting his concerts in all the city gay newspapers they could reach. After Elton’s tour, the founder turned all those new contacts into a new business opportunity. For the full story on the company, history listen-in as Todd Evans gives great insights. Brands go to Advertising Agencies to strategies on marketing campaigns and design creatives. Then the market agencies work with Rivendell to reach the LGBTQ audience through all the LGBTQ media properties they represent. In a broad yet consolidated approach. Todd Evans is driven by a cause of equality. They know they help media companies be able to cover the news and topics that are important to the community. We have a great conversation about the impact of LGBTQ media. The consolidation of advertising buy makes advertising in LGBTQ media doable and desirable. Alone even the largest of LGBTQ media is smaller than most traditional national media campaigns would pay attention to. Most alGBTQ media is local. If advertising agencies had to themselves track down and buy from each local media companies to get the volume they want, the work to do so would be cost-prohibitive. So Rivendell with all their relationships makes it easy for brands and their ad agencies to do business with LGBTQ media. Your signup, subscription, and views of LGBTQ newspapers, publications and website is vitally important. They depend on advertising to remain in business. Listen to Todd’s explanation. Todd chats about how LGBTQ media is adapting to survive the COVID pandemic panic and those large advertisers that kept advertising which kept the lights on for many.

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