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Stan Kimer: VP of Training for National Diversity Council & Consultant

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Out gay professional and entrepreneur Stan Kimer. Stan shares how he not only held several professional roles within IBM over his 31-year career there but how he moved between several departments such as operations, sales, product development, marketing, and Human Resources (Diversity & Inclusion).

Stan Kimer Diversity and Inclusion Consultant VP of Traing National Diversity Council

He has always thrived while constantly learning and challenging himself. When assigned to a cross-departmental project he would take it upon himself to learn as much as possible about the functions and strategies of the other departments in a truly collaborative manner. He not only learned by doing this he also built great relationships which often lead those other departments offering him an opportunity to join their department. What a great way to learn new skills create a new career path all while remaining in the same company. This approach could be used in large organizations to keep your career fresh and do what you enjoy.

Stan came out as a gay man at work in 1991 when IBM began to offer domestic partner benefits. At that time Stan was the most senior IBM employee to be openly out as a gay person at IBM. Due to that, he was invited to participate in executive-level meetings regarding diversity and inclusion. In the Stan-way, this involvement led him to join the IBM global Diversity and Inclusion department. IBM was also an early adopter of providing employees who identify as transgender health coverage to meet their unique health needs which started in 2002. The IBM D&I role ignited Stans’s passion. Ever since it has been his focus. After retiring from IBM, Stan was far from sitting back sipping margaritas. He took a year of reflection and planning then launched his own diversity and inclusion consulting business to help other companies and organizations be their best. Additionally, Stan is the VP of Training for the US National Diversity Council. In that role, he is responsible for training delivery as well as training material development.

Stan Kimmer - retired yet out gay entrepreneur and adult figure skater

As if all that post “retired” work was enough at age 59 Stan started to learn to figure skate. In Stan-style he competes in the adult figure skating competition circuit and knows many Olympic figure skaters. Stan believes life just keeps getting better.

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