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Survey – Not a Single Philippine Company is LGBTQ Inclusive

There are zero LGBTQ diversity and inclusive supportive Philippine companies as found by a recent survey study according to a study conducted by the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce with the support of the research firm Cogneica and the Netherlands.  What they did find is that the only companies in the Philippines to offer gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer employees any level of inclusive policies and benefits are all foreign-owned businesses. 

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Of these small number of companies, everyone is a business process outsourcer leaving the opportunity for Philippine employees a diverse range of employment while feeling safe and welcomed at work is dismal.  To start A recent study found that internationally even being perceived as LGBTQ can impact your ability to get hired, get promoted and even if hired the salary the employer decides you are worth is typically far reduced than what they pay a perceived heterosexual.  Another recent study found that on average  72% of LGBTQ people report experiencing unhealthy stress due to anti-LGBTQ hostile work environments experiencing discrimination in its many ways.

Sexuality, gender identity or expression (SOGIE) LGBTQ friendly policies and benefits have been proven to be good for business.  Naturally, around the world and Philippines being no different, there are long-standing cultural biases to move beyond and grow from.  The work that the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce is doing is outstanding.

Part of that work was conducting the Philippine Corporate SOGIE Diversity & Inclusiveness Index 2018 which surveyed 100 companies which employ a total of 267,231 people.  Of the 56 companies and government agencies that responded not a single one has any form of an LGBTQ anti-discrimination policy nor did they indicate any plans to change their policies in the forthcoming 5 years.

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Photo via the organization’s Facebook page.

LGBTQ anti-discrimination law

Brian Tenorio, Chair of the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce, said the survey was a ‘wake up call’ to enact the Philippines’, LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Bill.  Meanwhile, Senate Bill No. 1271 has been stalling in the Senate for almost 2 years.  When passed, the new anti-discrimination law would make it illegal to deny access to public services, hire or dismiss, impede access to education, or harass a person based on sexuality, gender identity or expression.  That is and will progress considering even in the United States nearly half the states do not provide full LGBT legal protection.

Without LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws, LGBT+ professionals continue to face harassment, discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry without any recourse every day.

This report shines light on the problem and the scope.  It can be leveraged to help to create change toward equality and fair treatment of all employees.

Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce Report LGBTI diversity inclusivity
Photo via the organization’s Facebook page.

Plans for change

#ZEROto100PH plans to work hard to get 100 companies to pledge their commitment to make their businesses LGBT-inclusive with non-discrimination and equal employment policies, education, and benefits.  They will educate the companies on the benefits of being LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming and leverage international resources to make it happen.

About the LGBT Philippine Chamber of Commerce

The Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce is an industry organization of businesses of, by, and for the LGBT in the Philippines. The main bottom line of the organization is good business and national economic development via the efforts of its LGBT members.  They offer a diverse range of programs for their members.

About Cogencia

Based in the Philippines, Cogencia provides strategic insights to business and organizations.  Their end-to-end market, social and stakeholder services cover the entire delivery cycle from planning to implementation.  They support an organization’s effectivity, growth, and expansion through market insights, in-house research, and strategic capabilities.

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