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Top Level Design Releases First Year Impact Report for .gay Domains Alongside Second Season of LGBTQ Webseries on Revry TV

Over $148,000 raised and donated to .gay’s nonprofit beneficiaries GLAAD and CenterLink in 2020

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#domain–Domain registry Top Level Design today released its inaugural .gay Impact Report, covering the domain’s community impact and giving through 2020, its first year of operation. To celebrate, .gay has also premiered a second season of its LGBTQ webseries, “The Library”, available globally on Revry TV, and at www.TheLibrary.gay.

With the launch of .gay, Top Level Design set out to create a platform to uphold, fund, and celebrate LGBTQ communities, and in so doing, created a brand culture that LGBTQ people, organizations, and businesses see as valuable.

Top Level Design can now show that .gay has the potential to:

  • elevate and legitimize community ideas, businesses, and projects while connecting allies directly to the queer zeitgeist
  • help position businesses as allies with LGBTQ communities and nonprofit circles, while providing an easy-access way to boldly show support
  • strengthen LGBTQ audience reach and community impact for businesses and brands by way of the .gay partner network, giving components, and PR generated by .gay
  • provide a vehicle and entry point to businesses interested in promoting their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

From major brands like Calvin Klein, Absolut Vodka, and GoDaddy, to out celebrities like George Takei, Adam Lambert, and Roxane Gay, to LGBTQ organizations like PFLAG National, ActionLink, and the Feel Something Foundation, the .gay community has grown into one of the most vibrant, diverse, and supportive online spaces in its first year on the market!

By The Numbers

  • $148,864.41 raised for LGBTQ Community Beneficiaries GLAAD and CenterLink. The registry continues to donate 20% of all .gay registration revenue. 2021 totals will be announced at year’s end.
  • 564,000,000+ people reached through the domain’s public launch and press tour
  • 2,300,000+ people watched .gay’s LGBTQ web series “The Library” since it premiered
  • 6,400+ brands and individuals registered their .gay domain names during .gay’s first year on the market, with over 13,000 names registered as of 9/21

Download the full 2020 .gay Impact Report

Watch both seasons of .gay’s “The Library” online


Logan Lynn

.gay Public Relations Director

Top Level Design

[email protected], [email protected]

OutBuro Voices 1-35 Scott Seitz

Scott Seitz: Internet Domain Extensions as Queer as You

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with PrideLife domain registrar founder and CEO Scott Seitz.

Be bold, be OUT, be visible, and now thanks to the new domain extensions.GAY and .LGBT your organization, business, and brand can be just that with your internet presence too. See the interview/podcast timestamps below as an overview and to jump to a section of interest. OFFER: 38:00 Many are starting their own business. PrideLife through the end of 2020 offering a 30% off plus buy one give offer. www.PrideLife.lgbt

OFFER: 38:00 Many are starting their own business. PrideLife through the end of 2020 offering a 30% off plus buy one give offer. www.PrideLife.lgbt

  • 01:10 Scott provide a brief overview of involvement in ICANN
  • 02:00 How the need for internet domain extensions grew beyond .com to include .gay and .lgbt
  • 03:00 From the beginning the LGBTQ community has been recognized as significant internet users
  • 3:30 PrideLife.lgbt is the first certified domain registrar globally similar to a GoDaddy.com or Domain.com
  • 04:00 How the relationship between domain registrars, domain owners and ICANN works
  • 06:20 Is this an entire LGBTQ ecosphere? Scott explains how the chain of organizations involved are building trust and safety as much as possible.
  • 12:00 When registering a domain the personal data you provide is kept at the registrar level.
  • 13:00 PrideLife is striving to build a community of resources and referral of services to keep as much in the LGBTQ community as possible
  • 14:00 So what is the benefit to the LGBTQ community to support the non-LGBTQ owned corporations who purchased/acquired the gay-oriented domain extensions?
  • 17:00 ICANN community standing explained – how the fragmented LGBTQ community with lack of a hub organization made ICANN award these domain extensions to non-LGBTQ owned corporations.
  • 18:00 The fractionalization of efforts means scarce resources and limited effect. Together we can accomplish astounding things where we all win. OutBüro (www.outburo.com) is striving to be a bridge of connecting all LGBTQ people, organizations, and business owners around the globe.
  • 23:00 The evolution of the LGBTQ community due to the internet.
  • 24:00 Scott explains that OutBüro is an important new part of advancing the LGBTQ community infrastructure by being a vehicle for connecting, finding, and growing.
  • 25:00 At work, no matter all the policies and best intentions of an employer, you are only secure and safe based on your direct manager if oversight is not strong.
  • 30:00 For partnering employers, OutBüro can be an LGBTQ related projects and services gateway streamlining and cost savings verses doing it all in-house.
  • 35:00 Most employers lack the diversity content on their website that candidates seek when making a choice to apply for a job. Employers may leverage the .lgbt and .gay domain names and use OutBüro as an employer branding platform to attract top candidates and differentiate it from competitors.
  • 38:00 Many are starting their own business.

PrideLife through the end of 2020 offering a 30% off plus buy one give offer.

Connect with Scott on OutBüro at https://www.outburo.com/profile/scottseitz/

Join Scott on OutBüro, the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur online community network for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, allies and our employers who support LGBTQ welcoming workplace equality focused benefits, policies, and business practices. https://www.OutBuro.com

Would you like to be featured like this? Contact the host Dennis Velco. https://www.outburo.com/profile/dennisvelco/