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Who doesn’t like a bit of news, great information, warm fuzzy stories, learning something new, or just a good chuckle?

We know the challenge it can be to craft good to great to amazing content. Don’t think we’ve hit amazing yet, but striving to do so and would love to have you be part of our journey. We’ve always welcomed posts from site members. As OutBüro shifts to a paid membership model, we are striving to support the community and grow together.

Types of Content

With the recent shift, OutBüro is now an LGBTQ whole self inclusive platform. Articles and content can be about pretty much anything. We’d love original content, but 100% fine with it living on your own site as well. Press releases, business product or service awareness, informational, how-to, educational, entertaining, editorial, opinion, news, and others. OutBüro currently has wide topic categories and we are open to adding other top-level categories. Tags and hashtags may also be used to hone your article/content SEO.

You are welcome to link to your site within your content to grow your search engine love juice.

Earn in 2-Ways

Would you like to share your content on a growing LGBTQ+ global community that rewards you in 2 ways?

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We have to pay for marketing so we might as well provide an optional ability to earn residual income through our Affiliate/Influencer program as you influence your audience (10%), their audience (5%), and their audience (2.5%) to join OutBüro as a Yearly/Monthly member. Yes, that is 3 levels deep. See the Affiliate/Influencer Income Estimator for more on that.

Post Performance

We have implemented a system integrated into analytics to track many forms of interaction with a post. Provides an Author Income and Page Performance Dashboard. We want to strive for a good balance of value for all coupled with the 1st revenue stream. From word count, a number of images or videos, total views, unique views, comments, and more for a holistic view. We’ll be working on a Post Income Estimator soon and will update this when ready. We’ll be open to constructive feedback on the base and have the ability to provide per author unique plans if agreed.

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Statement from the Board of Directors: The Black AIDS Institute Announces Interim CEO

Interim CEO will serve alongside new Managing Director and Expert Consultants

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Board of Directors of the Black AIDS Institute (BAI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Toni Newman as its Interim Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Kemal M. Atkins as Managing Director to help fortify BAI’s infrastructure and round out the organization’s stellar leadership team.

In addition, BAI has engaged Ms. Pat Bass and Mr. Chris Bates – two internationally recognized experts who pioneered HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and treatment programs – to assess BAI’s current capabilities and mission.

Ms. Newman is currently the Interim Executive Director at LYRIC – a non-profit in San Francisco, California that focuses on advancing the community and creating social change for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ) youth through education, career training, and health advocacy. She oversees the budget, programs, and community outreach for LYRIC. Ms. Newman is a distinguished Faculty Member at the Transgender Strategy Center in Los Angeles, where she advises non-profit organizations on engagement with transgender and non-conforming communities. In addition, she is the Chair of the Board of Directors for TransCanWork based in Los Angeles. Ms. Newman has a wealth of knowledge in non-profit management, budget and finance, and human resources and operations. We’re excited that she has agreed to serve as our Interim CEO as we continue implementing our transition plan to find a permanent, innovative executive staff leader.

Dr. Atkins has been engaged to help further build infrastructure and management processes at BAI. Dr. Atkins, who will serve as a consultant on a temporary basis, has an extensive background in higher education and non-profit leadership where his expertise in crisis management, such as leading institutional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and expertise in building national wellness health models will provide much-needed program direction for BAI.

Ms. Bass’s work in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention truly extraordinary. As one of the architects of the Ryan White CARES Act – the largest federally funded program for people living with HIV/AIDS, she helped pave the way for modern treatments to prevent the spread and contraction of the virus. Mr. Bates also has a distinguished career in HIV prevention policy – having served as the Executive Director on the Presidential Advisory Council on AIDS and Director of the Office of AIDS Policy under President Barack Obama. Together they will oversee a comprehensive review of BAI’s program efficacy, contributions, and impact in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and provide data that informs BAI’s mission as the organization continues to refine.

Ms. Newman, Dr. Atkins, Ms. Bass and Mr. Bates will work alongside Jami Cox and Wendell Miller as we continue to deploy our substantial resources, forward-looking vision, and human capital in the fight to end the HIV epidemic in Black communities and improve the health and quality of life for Black people living with and vulnerable to acquiring HIV/AIDS across the country.

The work of BAI is as important today as it ever has been, and we’re so proud of our incredibly talented and dedicated team that understands what is at stake for the Black community impacted by HIV and committed to ending this epidemic. Please join us in welcoming these accomplished leaders to our team. And thank you for continuing to support BAI and our entire staff across our networks.

Tori Campbell
(332) 207-1473

SOURCE Black AIDS Institute

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New Consumer Research Shows 1 in 4 Patients Concerned About Discrimination in Healthcare

Shared Traits Common Between Patients and Providers

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HealthSparq, a healthcare guidance and transparency company, today announced new consumer research on how discrimination shapes healthcare interactions and provider selection. The survey found one in four people are very or extremely concerned about discrimination in healthcare due to their race or the language they speak. These and other survey findings highlight the unique opportunity health plans have to address system inequities by helping patients find providers they trust.

Notable findings include:

  • Nearly half of people who identify as LGBTQ feel they have been discriminated against based on sexual orientation.
  • Among African Americans who have experienced discrimination, 77% feel it was due to their ethnicity or race.
  • Shared traits are extremely common between patients and providers: two-thirds of respondents reported having a doctor of the same gender. Shared race is also frequent.
  • When selecting providers, location and gender are more important when it comes to choosing a PCP, while specialization, experience, affiliation, and education/training are more important when choosing a specialist.

Discrimination not only impacts the care people seek, but being discriminated against drives them to take action. When faced with discrimination, 61% report switching providers, 21% discuss the discrimination with someone else at the provider’s office, and 7% change insurance coverage.

“Both data and personal stories continue to underscore that healthcare isn’t equitable in this country. Factors such as race, income, and zip code result in lower quality healthcare and outcomes,” said Mark Menton, General Manager of HealthSparq. “With this survey, we wanted to find out what’s most important for people in historically underrepresented groups as they navigate healthcare and choose providers. We found that people often seek providers they share traits with, like common language, gender and race. In fact, shared traits seem to be a powerful indicator of the patient-provider relationship. About half of consumers feel that having shared traits with their healthcare providers assures better care and more open discussion.”

The survey revealed what people look for when selecting care, which coupled with findings related to discrimination, present an opportunity to help connect patients with the providers they want most. In addition to shared traits, respondents reported a variety of characteristics important when researching providers or selecting a new provider, with quality of care at the top of the list, followed by education, ratings/reviews, specialization in age/condition, and treatment philosophy.

Six in ten respondents report using their health insurance plan’s website to gather information on providers, which underscores the important role health plans have in facilitating trusting relationships between patients and providers. By offering more robust provider information in their online directories, health plans can enable individuals to self-select a provider who they share traits with and can trust. While sharing more detailed provider information will not solve decades of unequal access to care and discrimination, it is one step in the right direction to improving access and outcomes.

To download the full report, visit: https://bit.ly/ProviderLikeMe

About HealthSparq

At HealthSparq, we help people make smarter healthcare choices by partnering with health plans to share cost and quality information about doctors, hospitals, medical services, and medications. Serving more than 80 million members across the country, we put people at the core of everything we do by conducting continuous usability testing, turning consumer research into product innovations, hosting industry panels featuring everyday people, and bringing human stories to the forefront through our #WTFix campaign. Using these insights, we create solutions to help people understand and navigate the healthcare system better than ever before.

Born inside a health plan in Portland, OR, we’ve been growing since our 2012 corporate founding. In 2021, we became part of Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, to pursue a shared vision of connecting people to the right care. Contact us at HealthSparq.com or tweet us @HealthSparq.


Kara McCrudden

Aria Marketing for HealthSparq



OutBuro Voice Zander Keig transgender veteran mental wellnes coach trans entrepreneur professional network community lgbt lgbtq lgbtqi gay lesbial bisexual queer dennis velco

Zander Keig: Trans US Veteran Mental Wellnes Coach

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Zander Keig, a US military veteran, a trans man who has dedicated his career in service to others.

Zander comes from a family with a rich history serving in the US armed forces. After a medical discharge, his career took a slightly winding path yet always with a focus on being of service to others. He became a local police officer, achieved a degree in conflict resolution with a focus on corporate merger and acquisition. But he then attended seminary focusing again on service to others achieving a Masters in Theology. Afterward, he began working in career services working for the State of California working with US Veterans. An economic downturn led to being laid off. and took the opportunity to relocate to Orlando, Florida to be close to family.

During COVID he was led into his current role of providing consulting and coaching services virtually. Zander provides services through an Employer Assistance Program (EAP). Many employers provide EAPs as part of their employee benefits package. The EAP can provide a wide range of support services. Check to see if you have an EAP as part of your benefits. Familiarize yourself with their offerings and take advance of them. For example, many offer mental health services up to a set number of appointments. Many are now providing special services in response to COVID helping employees cope with stress, anxiety, depression, financial concerns, life coping, relationship coaching, sleep hygiene, and more.

Zander is also through consulting helping to establish wellness and inclusion oriented webinars for companies. There is a gap between policy and practice. Due to COVID, there is a huge burnout issue. All the additional home and at-home care responsibilities and issues resulting from COVID while working remotely from home has made many to feel isolated, disconnected, and burnt out. Zander shared that he is working on a new educational service exploring childhood adverse experiences, their impact on adulthood health, outlook, and lifestyle, and how to deal with such adversity in a healthy way. He explains the strong study based research that correlates trauma to addiction, homelessness, obesity, diabetes, heart health.

We chatted about how the LGBTQI community member due to social stigma and family ignorance, religious intolerance dogmatic beliefs, bullying, being shunned, being harassed, and so much more are an adverse experience which also can, and often do affect, the LGBTQ persons.

We chat quite a bit about the US Veteran Administrative Health services and in general how great they are. Both Zander and I are US Veterans AND both use the VA as our healthcare provider. Zander shared how the US VA has two policy directives for the LGB veterans and the second for transgender and intersexed veterans. These policies outline all the rights and entitlements for LGBTQI+ veterans have as medical patients. In addition, all VA centers have at least one LGBTQI+ Patient Care Coordinator who is like a patient advocate. Those may be found on the VA website. The Affordable Care Act ACA) aka Obama Care opened the VA up to provide Healthcare to all US veterans who qualify based on income. All US veterans are encouraged to check out the VA’s website to learn all the facts and see if you may qualify.

Transgender American Veterans Association: http://transveteran.org/ The Transgender American Veterans Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting trans veterans to receive the care and benefits they deserve.

American Veterans for Equal Rights http://aver.us/ American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) is a non-profit, non-partisan, chapter-based Veterans Service Organization of active, reserve, and veteran servicemembers dedicated to full and equal rights The Modern Military Association of America (MMAA) https://modernmilitary.org/

MMAA is the nation’s largest organization of LGBTQ service members, military spouses, veterans, their families and allies. To connect with

Zander find him on OutBüro here. https://outburo.com/profile/zanderkeig/

His website is: https://www.zanderkeig.net/

Join me and Zander on OutBüro, the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur online community network for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, allies and our employers who support LGBTQ welcoming workplace equality focused benefits, policies, and business practices. https://www.OutBuro.com

Would you like to be featured like this? Contact the host Dennis Velco. https://outburo.com/profile/dennisvelco/

OutBuro Voices 1-20 Tristen SchukraftMistr Online PrEP for Men and Women Gay Bisexual HIV Risk Reduction Free Talk to Doctor Testing Medication LGBT entrepreneur

Tristen Schukraft: Hey Mistr are you on PrEP?

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Tristen Schukraft, the CEO/Founder of Mistr (https://www.heymistr.com) an online source for PrEP, the HIV prevention medication.

In our chat with Tristen, an openly gay entrepreneur, we discuss briefly his first business in the travel industry before diving into Mistr. He openly shares how he borrowed $10k from his parents and sold over 450 Razor scooters to gather enough capital to start that business. Tristen demonstrated the scrappy grit of bootstrapping entrepreneurial spirit. That business is still in operation 20 years later and is a significant player in the travel technology arena. Tristen is still a majority shareholder yet not involved in the daily operations. That has given him the ability to focus on building Mistr.

1 2

Are you sexually active? Are you meeting guys on Grindr, Scruff, Hornet or other hookup apps? In profiles, it appears that most say they are on PrEP, but the prescription numbers prove otherwise. He might be HAF, but don’t put your health at risk. Control your own health and get on PrEP.

JOIN MISTR TODAY AT https://www.HeyMistr.com Use the code OUTBURO

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a once-daily pill regimen that is 99% effective at preventing HIV. MISTR allows users to consult securely online with a licensed physician, complete the required lab work in the privacy of their home, and have their PrEP medication delivered free of charge each month, all without needing to visit a doctor’s office. Mistr is a telemedicine service currently solely focused on making access to HIV preventative medication convenient and affordable including currently in 12 states completely free. He and his team are working on making it free in all 50 states. Where not yet free, the cost is only $99 every 3 months. That includes the doctor consultations, blood lab work, and the medication.

Often, even those with health insurance can find that under their employer’s health plan they could be paying hundreds of dollars for the same tests, consultation and medication. Your local doctor and pharmacist are not aware of all the programs in place for this necessary and vital proactive health care medication. If they are aware they push the burden of completing all registrations back on to you. It can be cumbersome for many. Mistr on the other hand does all that for you. Again, currently in 12 states through the partnered programs, it is completely free for you.

In the remaining states, the $99 every 3 months is usually a huge saving of money, but also time. You have a phone or video conference with the doctor meaning you don’t have to leave work. Just take a short break at the scheduled time to step outside or into a private space and chat via your phone. Testing is done at home with a simple finger prick. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, there are over 2,200 labs across the US to do in-person tests. Once approved, your medication arrives in the mail and continues on a regular schedule.

With Mistr, getting and staying on PrEP is easy, affordable, if not free, and convenient. Your health is worth checking Mistr out today. Mistr is open to everyone. Gay, straight, male, or female. HIV doesn’t care who you are or who you have intimate relations with. “We’re proud that we have created the most affordable and easy to use online telePrEP platform,” said MISTR’s founder Tristan Schukraft. “PrEP is 99% effective at preventing HIV, and unfortunately PrEP is not utilized as much as it should be. We hope this opportunity will allow even more people to access this vital component in the fight against HIV.” Most insurance plans cover PrEP. For those who don’t have insurance or who are underinsured, MISTR manages all the paperwork needed to qualify users for patient assistance programs ensuring patients have no out-of-pocket costs. With no doctors office, no needles, no paperwork and free delivery, MISTR has eliminated all the barriers to PrEP.

MISTR is a telemedicine (telePrEP) platform offering easy online access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) across the United States. Gay owned and operated, MISTR has brought together a network of the best doctors, pharmacists, and problem solvers to make PrEP available to all who need it. No doctor’s office, no needles, no paperwork, and free delivery. Get started today at heymistr.com and follow @heymistr on Instagram

To connect with Bruce find him on OutBüro here. https://outburo.com/profile/tristen/

Join me and Tristen on OutBüro, the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur online community network for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, allies and our employers who support LGBTQ welcoming workplace equality focused benefits, policies, and business practices. https://www.OutBuro.com

Would you like to be featured like this? Contact the host Dennis Velco. https://outburo.com/profile/dennisvelco/