Students walk out of school in support of teacher put on leave for coming out OutBuro LGBT professional entrepreneur online networking community gay lesbian bisexual transgender nonbinary

Students walk out of school in support of teacher put on leave for coming out

Students walk out of school in support of teacher put on leave for coming out.

LGBTQ Nation reports that around 100 students at Winterset High School in Iowa walked out yesterday after a teacher was placed on leave for answering truthfully when a student asked if he is bisexual. At the beginning of the school year literature teacher, Lucas Kaufman shared a PowerPoint presentation with students so they could get to know him better. In a slide entitled “things that describe me” included a rainbow flag, a student asked him why he included a rainbow flag and he said that he’s bisexual. This made some parents angry even though some straight teachers tell their students all the time about their sexual orientation like when they talk about opposite partners their children or many other details from their lives. Many parents don’t like it when LGBTQ teachers do the same. One 8th grade student who participated in the walkout said “it’s showing how homophobic our town is and it’s not a good reputation for our school it’s proving that kids cannot come out without punishment.”

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