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IT Security For LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses & Organizations

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Sarah Lynn, an IT security professional focusing on LGBTQ+ owned small and midsized businesses and LGBTQ+ community non-profits.

Lynn has a 30-year career in technology with a significant portion of that career dedicated to information technology security. She is a partner in BPM CPA and leads the IT Security division.  Lynn stated that she started focusing on IT security for small and medium businesses because in that industry they were and still are very underserved. She further explained that LGBTQ+ owned businesses and non-profits are even more underserved and she aims to do her part to correct that.  

Lynn and Dennis both share real-world examples of IT security breaches they have encountered. The threats are many including:

  • Securing your communications: email, cell phones, chat boxes, and more 
  • Securing your systems from automatic attacks and ransomware 
  • Securing your databases: from both external forces and internal employees/contractors – theft mitigation 
  • Securing your website and backup/recovery strategies 
  • Securing cloud services you leverage Logging employee activities on company-owned devices or devices used on behalf of the company/organization Improve your 
  • IT security strategy and monitoring  Lock your systems down and trust very few people.    

Lynn is offering all viewers/listeners a complimentary 1 hours consultation phone call. Reach out to Lynn to set up your time to chat about your organization’s technology security. 

Connect with Lynn here:  https://outburo.com/profile/salynn/

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