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13 Resume/CV Tips for the LGBTQ Job Seeker

You need a killer competition-crushing resume/CV to help you get that interview for whatever reason. It may be your first job out of school, just needing a career change, desiring to advance your career at your current employer, or wanting to make the big jump to a new employer. Wanting a change is good. Even if you aren’t really looking for a new job right now, you should update your resume at least once a year. We’ve written a few other articles already on this topic so where possible I’ll be brief here and link over to those more in-depth articles.

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OK, now to the meat of it.

Never Created a Resume or Haven’t Updated Mine in a Long Time

Ok. There may be a bit of work ahead of you, but hopefully, after reading over this and our other guides the feeling of panic and dread will be diminished and just viewed as a task to get accomplished.

Tip 1 – Add it to Your Calendar

As mentioned above until you retire your resume should be visited and likely updated at a minimum once a year. So, literally, right now pause reading this and open up your calendar of choice. 12 months from now, schedule at least one day devoted to updating your resume/CV.

Tip 2 – The No Stress Approach

Before starting to worry about resume design, layout, colors, and all that jazz, just start with a notepad, electronic notes on your phone or tablet, or even sticky notes to begin jotting important key information down that will allow you to organize your thoughts without the confines of that other stuff. Then when ready, all will be right in front of you and you’ll churn that fresh resume/CV out in no time at all.

Try this, I solve so many problems, have really super focused memory, and come up with innovative thoughts and solutions when I get away from my laptop and keyboard. I take long walks – usually an hour and a half a day. I do mindful meditation. But, it’s not just me sitting with my legs crossed with fingers in a certain posture while chanting some ancient hymn. I use both the walking and mindful meditation time interchangeably to go inside myself and think. To explore as many options as possible. To allow my thoughts full freedom. I always have my phone with a notes app handy and/or post-it notes or notepads handy. When great ideas strike me I pause and jot it down. Because in this state of thought freedom, 15-30 mintues later, unless I really lingered on the thought in depth, it will be gone. I won’t remember. Jotting it down allows me to know I captured the thought to revisit it without fear of lossing it. I then can, delve further into it or let it now go and move on to something else returning to it once I’m back at my desk or another day.

This is great for everything you do. TRY IT. Where your resume/CV is concerned if updating it after some time, it may be hard to follow the below advice with the pressure of the computer screen and keyboard taunting you. The restrictions of the interface, the pressure to get that resume done so you can find a new job all can stifle your creative conscience and unconscious that you’ll need to see your past career and goals in an abstract connected pattern. Using my approach will allow you to be focused yet free to ponder, associate, and be creative to when ready create the best resume/CV you can that will amaze recruiters and burn up that resume sifting AI engine.

Tip 3 – Keep it Fresh

When creating your resume/CV or updating it, you want to consider style trends looking for things like fonts, font sizes, hot industry skills popping up on job descriptions, be aware of AI (artificial intelligence) and its impact on choosing your resume for more attention by a human. We’ll have an article about this soon and when that is complete this will be updated with a link. But right now you can search the internet for articles on AI and Resume tips, biases, and more to be in the know.

Consider having your resume reviewed by a professional. I would highly recommend you do your best job on your own first. There are tons of resume templates available for free on the internet if you search “free resume template”. I state this because it’s much quicker and if paying, cheaper, to have your resume reviewed and improved than to have one created from scratch with is more time consuming thus if not free costs quite a bit more.

Tip 4 – Up Your Game

When you are looking at the jobs and skills that are in demand today. Are you finding that your skills, training, and certifications are relevant or maybe starting to become a bit dated? Hey, this can happen if someone works for the same employer in the same role for some time. It seems like stability. But if that employer isn’t keeping up with industry and technology trends and therefore not offering you the ability to be constantly learning, growing, and advancing your skills. In technology in particular. It is not uncommon to see moves every 18-24 months when a person is very focused on growth and their employer is not.

Tip 5 – Plan and Concour

So, take a hard honest assessment and if you need to bring your skills up to date to be competitive, or you have a career goal and need certain skills and certifications to qualify, make a plan. That plan should include what in-person or online courses you are going to take. What books you are going to read. What organizations and professional associations you are going to join. Decide if you’d like a mentor (more on that below). As you are gaining newly learned skills, if your current employer has no opportunity to put it into practice, consider how that new skill might be leveraged at local, regional, or national non-profits. Consider donating your time and skills to help the non-profit with your talents. In return, you get to put practical experience about that new skill/talent on your shiny new/updated resume/CV.

Tip 6 – Job Duties – No kidding

When crafting or updating your resume/CV remove everything that sounds like you are describing your general job function duties. It is a complete waste of space. If that sort of resume gets past the resume AI sorters, I can guarantee most recruiters will look at it and think to themselves, “No kidding”. Then toss it aside. Don’t do that. I talk with recruiters at all levels all the time. I’ve interviewed several for our episodes.

If you were an executive assistant, you don’t need to write that you answered the phone, made copies, wrote letters, created spreadsheets, and ordered delivery lunches. Serious DUH factor! Every executive assistant does that.

Check out the Say “Bye Bye Felicia” to Duties on Your Resume article for more details.

Tip 7 – WOW Factor

You know how much effort you now or use to put into looking good, standing out, to go out on a Friday or Saturday night? Bring it that level and more of WOW factor to your resume/CV.

I’m certainly not suggesting it be outlined in eyeliner and covered with glitter. But from Tip 2 above you need to put down all the amazing stuff. What did you do that was out of the ordinary? What did you improve? What is better now than when you took started the job? Was it your idea? Did you totally orchestrate that cool, fabulous new thing or improvement? Did you manage others in the process? Did it require sourcing, selecting, contracting, and managing vendors that may have been outside your normal job description? If you’ve never looked at your resume like this, the first time getting it to this format will take a bit of time. That’s why Tip 1 had you plan to keep it up to date at least once a year so that all that amazing stuff you accomplish in the previous year will be a bit fresher in your mind.

Tip 8 – ALL About Measurement

8 is good, but maybe I should have made this Tip 9. All joking aside, whe you are spelling out the 2-5 bullet points for the amazing Tip 7 improvement, enhancements, reductions. savings, gains, acquisitions, whatever those items are for you, provide NUMBERS. See the examples below:

Bad Example: “As a software license manager I managed all software vendors and associated contracts efficiently.

Great Example: “I initiated a software vendor assessment program that was never done before at this company. After my analysis I found overlaping solutions and was able to negiation consolidated licensing at a discount saving the compay $183,000 a year, reduced vendors from 3 to one simplifying relationship management and creating consistancy amoungst our users. After traning, this has improved the company Help Desks ability to support users in a timely manager reducing similar trouble tickes by 60%.”

The great example although a tad long has all the component. Job initiative, creative, take charge, wihout out saying it. Problem finder and more importantly a solution oriented, cost savings, support savings and quantified by numbers. This is someone I’d want to talk to. This is someone most recruiters would want to talk to. Your projects and results will differ, but you need to state:

  • What you achieved and accomplished?
  • What was your role – did you initiated it, your idea, or your boss’s idea but you led it?
  • What was improved, enhanced, saved, etc?
  • Show numbers even if it is an approximate guess. The numbers show impact and scale.

Tip 9 – Be Concise

Because employers may be receiving hundreds of resumes for one potential position, you need to catch their attention immediately. There is no effective way to list everything you have done. Choose what is most important, use phrases instead of full sentences, and implement bullet points to emphasize achievements. When you feel like you may be repeating yourself, check out use the thesaurus and think of new ways to phrase tasks and responsibilities.

Tip 10 – Lock that it Down – Clean it Up

Hey, we love social networking and hope you’re a member here at OutBüro. You better believe that potential employers are going to temporarily stalk you online as much as possible. They will try to find you on Facebook – ya know all those pics of you in your underwear hanging on other near-naked guys looking all glassy-eyed with a disco ball glimmering in the background. And pic after pic of similar images. Yep. You need to LOCK your accounts on ALL social media to “friends” only and be very very careful about adding any new friend requests for the foreseeable future. Employers will often have junior young cute guys and gals request friends/connections to potential candidates. In reality, they are just doing research scoping you out. They’ll take screenshots of all those party boy/gal images, you sporting the leather harness and jockstraps you gifted yourself this past X-mas, those jockstrap and thong images, you laying in bed with those two other people, that image of you laying in bed posing where you seemed like you confused Facebook for Grindr or Scruff (like so many of you do). They take all that, screenprint, electronically file, print, and stuff in a folder and report back their findings to the recruiter if not also the hiring manager. And guess what. If the example is the case, the likelihood of you being offered the new job is pretty slim.

So. I recommend LOCKING your accounts AND cleaning up your images and posts as much as possible. You be the judge on what stays and what’s removed, but really does anyone care what you posted 18 months ago? DELETE. Keep posts of you and your pets, what you ate for dinner, you hugging your grandmother. But DELETE any potential less than office safe images. DELETE old post where you went on a political rant. Absolutely DELETE any negative comments you made about past employers, hating to go go to work, hating your job, etc. For images and other posts that are similar but posted by others and you are TAGGED in. UNTAG yourself.

Basically, DELETE as much as possible keeping only OFFICE SAFE non-sexualized, non-political, non-super pro or anti-religious. Do you get what I’m saying here?

For more great related info, check out the LGBTQ Online Privacy and Safety – Take Control article.

Tip 11 – Should you be OUT on your Resume/CV

This is important and I’ve already written a full article exactly on this topic and got a former HR director of Disney’s thoughts. So check out the Should You be OUT as LGBTQ on Your Resume/CV article with interview video/podcast.

Tip 12 – Keep Your it Organized

Keep all of your past job information in a folder, hard copy, or electronic copy with a job description, notes of projects you initiated or contributed to. Measurement and pretty much all the information you’ll need to update your resume and to have for references should you ever need it. This might also have copies of all your pay stubs, employee guides, and any other documents related to your employment. Maybe that’s one file per employer with everything or structure it how you find useful. Along with employer files, be sure to maintain college, training, and certification records too.

Tip 13 – 60 MORE Awesome Resume/CV Tips

For even more resume/CV tips, check out the 60 Awesome Resume-CV Tips for the Queer Professional article. All the content there is still relevant.

OutBüro Voices Interview Scott Vedder LGBT Entrpreneir Resume Career Advisor Human Resources Professional Military Veteran to Cilian Work Employment Consultant Business Owner Video Interview Podcast

LGBT Professionals: Job Hunt With a FABULOUS Resume (2020)

Scott Vedder is an LGBT entrepreneur focusing as a professional career coach helping to craft resumes that stand out effectively communicating the skills and past success that align with a candidate’s ideal target jobs. Job search tips for writing a great resume for all including military veterans transitioning to civilian careers, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) professionals seeking a career change and new job. Maximize your resume to improve your job search chances.

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  • 01:50 Introducing Scott Vedder
  • 02:50 Most resumes are awful so he wrote a book to help
  • 03:30 Special edition for US military veterans
  • 07:20 US Veterans are some of the best job candidates in the workforce
  • 08:15 Signs of a great resume to quantify what makes you a great fit for the job
  • 10:30 Your LinkedIn profile should not be a literal copy of your resume. Think of it as a marketing brochure. Make it POP.
  • 12:30 Tips to create an amazing resume that intrigues and WOW’s like a movie trailer.
  • 14:00 Networking and relationship building should be ongoing
  • 18:00 You will NEVER hear a recruiter say, “The candidate made it too easy to see why they are a great fit for this job”
  • 18:30 The biggest mistake you can make on a resume is writing it like a job description.
  • 20:45 Lose the jargon. Keep the language simple, concise and typically no acronyms unless super commonly known
  • 28:45 Should you be OUT as LGBTQ on your resume?
  • 33:00 Researching employers on their LGBTQ inclusiveness – it is darn difficult
  • 37:00 Join HTTP://WWW.OUTBURO.COM add your professional profile, rate/review your current and recent past employers so that your ratings provide feedback to employers and are available for future candidates
  • 42:00 Ways to further research a potential employer’s LGBTQA friendliness

Scott Vedder conducted over 5,000 interviews as a recruiter at a Fortune 100 company. He quickly discovered that a good résumé is truly hard to come by and that most applicants don’t have a clue what recruiters want to see. Scott’s book “Signs of a Great Résumé” is a #1 best-selling book on Amazon.com and has been endorsed as “Recommended Reading” by the Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) and the Central Florida Jobs Initiative. Scott is often quoted as an expert resource and is a regular contributor to a number of international blogs, magazines, syndicated newspaper columns, and web sites. Scott has also been interviewed on dozens of live television and radio news programs. While on speaking engagement’s Scott was often asked by military veterans how to best translate their military experience to a civilian job market. This led to the adapted version of his best selling book to focus on military veterans. His focus on and strong involvement with veteran groups led him to be personally invited to the White House twice under two administrations to be recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management, Women Unlimited and the Metropolitan Business Association, LGBT Chamber of Commerce for his contributions and for helping job seekers around the world.

Scott Vedder on OutBüro > https://www.outburo.com/profile/scott_vedder/

Signs of a Great Resume – Book

Scott Vedder Signs of a Great Resume LGBT Entrpreneir Resume Career Advisor Human Resources Professional Military Veteran to Cilian Work Employment Consultant

Scott’s #1 best-selling book, Signs of a Great Résumé, will teach you how to write a résumé that speaks for itself. This lighthearted book presents an effective approach to the serious business of writing résumés. Scott’s style is humorous, easy to understand and fun to read …if he does say so himself!

Scott has developed a simple way to make your résumé speak for itself, using !@#$%, the Signs of a Great Résumé. Each sign showcases your experience and skills and highlights your greatest achievements and contributions.

  • ! Any part of your experience that was “amazing!”
  • @ Defining points, places, dates, and things in your career
  • # Numbers that quantify and prove your past successes
  • $ The dollar value of your contributions
  • % Figures that easily show growth and results

Whether you’re a recent grad or a CEO, a garbage collector or an astrophysicist, you can use Signs of a Great Résumé to make your experience shine… and recruiters love to see some nice, shiny experience on a résumé!

This lighthearted book presents an effective approach to the serious business of writing résumés. Scott’s style is humorous, easy to understand and fun to read …if he does say so himself! In this book you’ll learn how to customize your résumé for each job using !@#$%, how to write a great cover letter and more.

Signs of a Great Resume – Veterans Edition

Scott Vedder Signs of a Great Resume Veterans Edition LGBT Entrpreneir Resume Career Advisor Human Resources Professional Military Veteran to Cilian Work Employment Consultant

Veterans, transitioning service members and military families can get great new jobs in the civilian sector with Signs of a Great Résumé: Veterans Edition. Tell civilian recruiters, “I am a P.A.T.R.I.O.T.” Learn to highlight the military values and characteristics that make you a great candidate for the civilian workplace. Taking the above principle and further applying the veteran-specific skills referenced as PATRIOT to stand out and land that new civilian job.

Scott Vedder LGBT Entrpreneir Resume Career Advisor Human Resources Professional Military Veteran to Cilian Work Employment Consultant at US White House
OutBuro - 10 LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Reviews Monitoring Workplace Diversity Inclusion Recruitment Marketing Branding LGBT Professionals Entrepreneurs Community

I am LGBTQ and Job Hunting

In addition to all your education, experience, and great skills as an LGBTQ job seeker, you might be wondering how to locate an employer who will value and support you as a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer human too. Which companies should you be targeting?  Knowing if a company has the following policies and practices is a great start:

  • Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Gender Identity Non-Discrimination
  • Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Supports LGBTQ Equality Globally (if operates in more than one country)
  • LGBT Inclusion Competency
  • Public Commitment to LGBTQ Equality
  • Requires Similar Policies for Contractors and Vendors

Search Company Site and the Internet for Signs of Gay-Friendliness

Having the above policies and practices are obviously great signposts that the company is LGBT-Friendly.  But how do you know a company has them in place?  They are rarely listed in the average job description. If there, you may find it buried at the bottom of the job description of their EEO section.  It then usually only lists non-discrimination based on sexual orientation and every now and now and then gender identity. That is typically as far as it goes.  

Naturally, you will be scouring the corporate website of every potential employer you are submitting your resume to. Seek any public information there regarding diversity and LGBT policies. Also, seek out any employee Pride or Out groups. Do an internet search using the company name and “pride” to see if there is any posted news about it and/or it’s employees participating publically in pride festivals.  If your city’s Pride Event has a website, check that out for lists of sponsors and corporate parade participants.  

To be Out or Not on Your Resume/CV

Check out a recent OutBüro titled “Are You Out as LGBTQ on our Resume/CV?

OutBüro Provides Every LGBTQ Employee a Voice

OutBüro (OutBuro.com) recently launched filling a void in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer employee community by providing an LGBTQ-focused employee company rating site similar to Glassdoor.com. LGBTQ employees can rate their employers not only on general topics but those particular to the company’s LGBTQ policies, benefits, LGBTQ community support. Typical topics along with work-life balance, job security, CEO performance and much more are included to provide an LGBTQ specific view along with the broader picture of the employer.  Every company listed in the OutBüro Company Rating directory and posts any jobs on the OutBüro Job Portal must, absolutely, cannot pass go unless they answer if they have the above LGBTQ policies and practices in place.  The required responses to each are: Yes, No, Unknown and N/A.  One of those four choices MUST be selected.  Companies are encouraged to Claim their listing so they may ensure the information on the site is accurate.

Ratings incorporate a free-form text entry together with prompting for cons and pros in addition to a message to the CEO. Registered members’ evaluations are displayed anonymously so you may be honest with the best intentions. Ratings should adhere to our Community and Company Rating Guidelines. Other members can indicate your rating as helpful in addition to flag improper content for community self-governance.

OutBüro enables every LGBTQ individual to rate their current and previous employers. Since we are new and growing you might not locate a company. No problem. If a company is not currently in the system, simply add it in just a few minutes. Then continue with your rating. Yes – You can do that.

Every business may be added no matter its size or location.

Leverage LinkedIn’s Largest LGBT Professional Group

OutBüro’s founder, Dennis Velco, founded LinkedIn’s largest LGBT professional networking group 12 years ago and now has 47k worldwide members. Today it is a service of today OutBüro and is a great additional resource. Short background story here. Connect your target company current employees via OutBüro on LinkedIn group members or via the main OutBüro community.

Get the Inside Scoop From Current and Past Employees

At the era of consumer-review websites, it is no real surprise to discover that more than half of possible hires stated they’d trust an organization’s current employees to get an accurate and fair review of the firm itself. That is greater than the percentage of individuals who’d trust either the organization’s HR group or site. Should you use consumer-review websites that will assist you to decide on what type of restaurant to try next or what film would be well worth the ticket cost, you ought to do exactly the same with prospective companies.

General Company Rating Sites

In addition, you should use general employee company rating sites to glean what you can about the general culture, work-life balance and more. They can be very helpful in your overall information discovery with past and current employee reviews. Here are the top sites to leverage:


Do your homework and be prepared. On Employee Rating sites including OutBüro’s Company Rating, glean what you can and pay it forward. Leave your reviews so that others can benefit from your first-hand experiences. On OutBüro specifically, you are providing past and current employers with an anonymous appreciation for a job well done in supporting you and the LGBTQ community as well as tactfully providing constructive feedback on how they can improve for the betterment of all.

Your voice counts and we appreciate your participation on OutBüro.


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